Talk of wedding themes can be very hit or miss with many couples. Some couples jump on the idea, while others are a bit gun-shy. It’s quite understandable why one would go against the idea of a theme wedding. After all, if you’re looking for classic and timeless, a theme wedding might put you in a tough spot. Choose a trendy theme at the time, and you’ll end up with wedding pictures that no one understands. Of course, if you’re crazy, fun, and carefree, a themed wedding might be the perfect way for you to begin your marriage. So here are a few fun ones we’ve found with a little digging:

1.) Scary theme. We’re talking Halloween or Zombie theme. You can either go all out, with the bride and groom painted to look like real, scary zombies, or add little touches to a still elegant and classy wedding. Think orange and black cocktail drinks or skeleton art pieces as table settings. Plus, we guarantee your wedding will be the talk of everyone in your family forever.

2.) Movie theme. This one is quite broad, so we’re leaving the gist of it up to you. Basically, you both choose a movie to plan your wedding around. Have the two of you always wanted to be secret agents? How about a James Bond theme? Your man gets to wear his amazing tux while all your guests can dress up in their dressiest outfits. It would be sophisticated and fun. Or maybe you guys could go a different direction and choose something whimsical like Alice in Wonderland. With all the movies out there, your options really are endless!

The final 3 wedding themes

3.) Geek/Nerd theme. Have an obsession with video games? Legos? Anything that could be considered just a tad bit nerdy? Run with it! People own their geekiness like no other these days, so why stop there? A Lego-themed wedding would not only be the talk of the town, but everyone would undoubtedly feel like a 7-year-old again. Just imagine the nostalgia! Plus, if you think about it, your friends are probably all somewhat nerdy or geeky (we tend to be friends with people like ourselves), so they would probably love it!

4.) Superhero theme. There’s nothing wrong with letting your “secret identities” show for a day! You can go all out or have the groom wear his Superman shirt under his tux while you keep your Wonder Woman undies under wraps until later that night.

5.) Fantasy theme. The fantasy theme can come from a number of places, from Fantasia to Lord of the Rings. You can wear fairy wings down the aisle or choose a more subtle approach, like having vines twist through the Arbor you’ll be standing under. Just imagine how beautiful it could be!

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