Wedding Speech, Oh NO!

You have been asked to give a speech at a wedding day and you have obviously accepted the gracious honor, now what? Here are 4 tips for the perfect wedding speech.

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Tip#1 Control Your Emotions

It’s a speech,  yes it is at a wedding, and though a lot of things can go wrong (sorry, but that’s how it is) you have to gather yourself and free your mind to come up with the right memories you want to share with your friends. One of the best ways is to let it all out. Turn on your voice recording app, and speak and shout out what you have to say about them. What you know, what you remember, what you’ve heard, and more. Scribble on papers and let the Kilobytes turn to Megabytes, and papers to piles. This might not only get you the right memories you want to share, as well as the perspective on your wedding speech.

Tip#2 Don’t Google it!

Or for that matter, don’t Bing, Yahoo!, Ask Jeeves, or whatever search engine you can think of. “Word searching” for your special wedding speech is off limits.

A great wedding speech is one which only you could have delivered for them. The bride/groom has chosen you because they believe you know them best. And this includes being on their most cherish-able moments, and memories, and tough times. They want to hear their story from you — because they believe you can. It’s time you took up the charge.

Tip#3 Keep the Doors Closed

Just ask everyone to give you some privacy. It’s understandable that everyone is in a flurry of excitement because the cheerfulness and joy simply seems to seep through every damned nook and cranny in home. The mood is like totally contagious, yeah, we know… but you have to tell them this, or otherwise they won’t get it: “I need some time alone! Out! Out! Please!”

It’s how it goes through your head. Not how you must say it. You get the point, right? Ask for quiet time.

Tip#4 Start Writing, and don’t you dare stop to rethink!

So, it’s time that you start thinking about those two, and what they have shared with you over time, or what you have shared with them.

Hold onto those thoughts for a minute.

Savor them.

Let the emotions sink in.

Then write the first draft of your wedding speech. And don’t you dare stop writing, or pausing to rethink. Editing comes later. Let the memories and the emotions take you on a long journey. You’ll be amazed what comes out even in the first draft.

The rest is editing work — making it fit within 5 minutes or less. If you’ve come this far, we know it won’t be a problem. Write your finalized wedding speech on an index card and practice reading it. Your wedding speech will be perfect because it comes from a place of love.

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