Ask any bride about the first thing to pop into their head when they slip on that engagement ring. They will probably tell you something about going out to celebrate or wedding planning in general, but every hot-blooded woman in the country knows what they are really thinking: Oh my God, wedding gown shopping, here I come! The truth is, the act of shopping for the perfect wedding dress is almost as important as the dress itself! It makes the wedding immediately feel more real and gives the bride a chance to bond with new family and friends. Since we’d like every dress shopping occasion to be the magical experience every bride should have, we’ve gathered a list of things you should remember when shopping for your wedding dress with your entourage.

Do for perfect entourage:

Bring those closest to you. Finding your perfect dress is a significant experience, so you’ll want to include those that mean the most to you. If your grandparents raised you, invite your grandparents. If you have a close friend that you consider family, invite that friend. Most likely, your parents have been thinking of this day since you were a little girl, so make sure they feel included. Remember, this is about you and finding your wedding dress.  No more than 3 people in your entourage is best when searching for that perfect wedding gown.

Bring a fashion-savvy buddy. Fashion can be tricky, and while you may find something you think you love, a close friend with an eye for fashion will be able to let you know if you will have serious regrets when you look at your wedding photos in 10 years. Bring someone who knows what will look good in the future but still cares enough about you to accurately inform you of how you look and will be supportive no matter what you choose to walk down the aisle.


Bring children. As much as you might love your 4-year-old niece, bringing her along as a part of your entourage is a huge mistake. Dress shopping is your special day, meaning all the attention should be on you. No matter how well-behaved a child is, they will still be irritated that no one is paying attention to them…for the next few hours. And on top of that, you’ve brought them to a pure white wonderland where they can’t touch anything, and the amount of small items they could put in their mouths (beads, pins, etc.) is endless. A better option is to bring them to the final fitting, where they can see you in all your glory and only have to contain themselves for 30 minutes at the most.

Invite too many. Inviting too many people creates a situation where members of your entourage begin competing with each other. Each person has an opinion, and the more people you bring, the more opinions you will have to deal with. Keep your numbers low for the best appointment possible.