Bridezillas can be one of the most difficult obstacles for a person to overcome when planning a wedding. Here is a person under such intense stress that they start taking it out on their friends and family members. If you’re going to survive the next few months with this woman, you’re going to have to follow a few of the tips we’ve lined up for you below on how to deal with bridezillas:

1.) Realize who you’re dealing with. Everyone gets stressed about something, and you probably know the bride so well that you know what she’s stressing over. So help her calm some of her stress. If she thinks there’s absolutely no way she will be able to stuff 368 envelopes full of wedding invitations, get on the phone and get a small collection of people over at her house to do the job.

2.) Really give everything a legitimate try. Even if you think it’s crazy, at least try. Of course, there are just some things you won’t be able to do, like travel to Rome for the wedding dress fittings. In these cases, give a strict, non-negotiable “No.” For other things, though, go ahead and try and indulge her. Baking 400 cookies for the rehearsal dinner sounds pretty impossible, so bake as many as you can and then stop by the store the next day to make up the difference. She’ll see how much effort you put in and possibly realize that her original demands were pretty impossible, to begin with.

3.) Treat her like a princess. Sound tough? Of course, it is, but she’s planning her wedding day. In her head, nothing is more important than this wedding, so treating her like the important person she feels she is right now will help you both get on the same page. Don’t worry. As soon as she’s married, the urgency will disappear, and everyone will be more relaxed.

4.) Seek out close friends. If you have some issues in your life, contact your friends and vent with them instead. You’ll be able to clear your head while they’re intently listening and not worrying about what you are doing. They will help you deal with bridezillas.

5.) Stay positive. It’s natural to want to talk about the bride behind her back. If she’s bossing you around like crazy, you’ll be bitter. However, you have to remember that she is not herself right now. All of the crazy demands and insults she hurls your way are not what her personality is made of. You’ll have your friend back as soon as the wedding is over, so keep the negative talk to yourself for at least a few more months. Bridezillas are far and few between.

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