A veil says – I am a Bride. What veil works best for your style of dress?

Blusher – A Blusher veil is worn over your face. So keeping with tradition, your Dad or the person giving you away will flip it back. Also, once you reach the groom and before giving you away at the altar. The Bridal Gown style for a blusher veil would be a sheath style or a full ball gown.

Cathedral – A cathedral veil is the longest of all veils. As you walk it will cascade behind you at least 10 feet from your headpiece. So, the Bridal Gown style for a cathedral veil would be a fitted dress with a shorter train or a full ball gown.

Birdcage – A birdcage veil covers some of the faces. It is a retro look that has made a major comeback in bridal accessories. The birdcage veil often has flowers or feathers on the comb or a little pillbox. The Bridal Gown style for the birdcage veil would be a dress with a retro vibe or slinky.


Flyaway – The flyaway veil is short and has multiple layers. The Bridal Gown style for the flyaway veil would be anything from one shoulder fitted to a full ball gown.

Mantilla – The mantilla veil is a Spanish-style veil with ornate lace on the edge of the veil. The mantilla sits very flat on the top of the head, Also it can be short or long. The Bridal Gown style for the mantilla is simple and will not compete with the veil’s beautiful lace edging.

Waterfall/Fountain – The waterfall/fountain veil has ripple edges and is embellished with crystals, pearls, ribbons, and edging. The veil angles around the face and gets longer as it flows down your back. The Bridal Gown style for the waterfall/fountain veil would be anything structured, fitted bodice, and strapless.

Veils come in various sizes, colors, edgings, and layers. Try on several styles with your dress. Just as your dress speaks to you, so will your veil.

Lily’s Bridal has a large inventory of veils to try on and purchase. From birdcage veils to cathedral veils. All colors and edges. What veil works best for your style of dress?