One of the most interesting things about your wedding day is often the transportation from the ceremony site to the reception venue. There are countless ways to arrive at your reception unforgettable, so by no means is this an all-inclusive list. Instead, we’ve rounded up a list of options people have actually used for their wedding transportation (not lying!).

1.) By Animal. Yes, a horse-drawn carriage has been done repeatedly, but it’s still one of the most romantic travel methods! There’s no getting around the fact that a horse-drawn carriage causes everyone, and we mean everyone, to stop and stare. You’re virtually royalty for a day!

2.) By Air. Sure you might not have the budget for it, but getting dropped off at your own reception via helicopter is just too James Bond (read: awesome) to ignore. Of course, if you’re more of a realist and prefer that all the effort your stylist put into your hair be wasted in hurricane-force winds, there’s always the more relaxing option of a hot air balloon.

3.) By Sea. Arriving at your reception location via water means your spot is probably relatively exclusive and shows you have a carefree personality. And if you’re wearing a short dress, a paddleboat or a jet ski isn’t going to be too difficult to navigate. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that it’s simply impossible to frown while riding a jet-ski, so go ahead and get your party off to a great start!

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More Wedding Transportation Ideas

4.) In something completely you. Fun fact: I drive an ice cream truck during the summertime. It’s a teeny-tiny little thing, and it’s been used as a prop for various things across town. My mom has always said that if she remarried, she would love to make that little truck a part of her wedding. So don’t be afraid to add some of yourself into the mix. Sucker for classic cars? Borrow a buddy’s 68’ Camaro for the day (let him drive if it makes him feel any better). Are you and your hubby local firemen or police officers? Consider using an out-of-commission fire truck or one of your cruisers to travel in style.

5.) Embrace your inner kid. Everyone loves a couple that isn’t afraid to have a good time, and those pictures of you and your hubby on an old-school tandem bicycle will surely bring a smile to peoples’ faces for years to come. So think about a moped, a motorcycle with a sidecar, or even a couple of skateboards!

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