Ready to Pick Your Reception Music?

Of all the things your guests will remember about your wedding day, the music and entertainment are definitely one of the highest items on the list. Of course, that’s no surprise. They are going to remember the time they spent with you the most, and the vast majority of that time is going to be at the reception while the music is playing. Would you rather their memories be watching you’re your spouse from a distance or dancing the night away with the two of you on the dance floor? This is the reason so many great bands and DJs are in such high demand. They know what to play and when to play it. Of course not everyone can afford a band or DJ, so sometimes we have to take the playlist into our own hands. In that case, we’ve gathered a few tips for you:

Top 5 Tips to Pick Your Music

1.) Make mutual decisions. One person can be in charge when it comes to other aspects of your wedding, but when it comes to the music it needs to be a joint decision. Music is incredibly meaningful and each of you deserves to be a part of choosing which songs will be played at your reception

2.) Plan to spend all night. Most likely this isn’t going to be a quick decision. Grab a few bottles of wine or a case of beer and get ready for a long night in. Don’t worry though, it won’t be as tedious as you may think. You’ll both most likely spend the night reminiscing and telling stories about one song or the other. Don’t rush it, these are important memories too.

3.) Be ready to compromise. You aren’t going to like all the songs your partner chooses and he or she isn’t going to like all the songs that you choose, but that’s okay. It’s also important to determine why you don’t like certain songs. Then keep in mind what the song means to each of you and the importance, good or bad.

4.) Choose music that’s special to you. Don’t just choose songs because they’re popular or because you think they will get people on their feet and dancing, also choose songs that are significant to you and your future spouse for specific reasons. Maybe you share an inside joke to a specific song or maybe you both sing the wrong words to another. Bringing up the memories associated with these songs will make your wedding day even more special.

5.) Choose music that’s special to your guests. It’s also advised to add a few songs that hold special meaning to a few friends or family members. Your parent’s wedding song, your little sister’s favorite song, or the tune that your fiancé remembers his mom always humming as she made dinner; these additions will show your friends and family just how much you appreciate them being there on your special day. Lily’s Bridal is Maryland’s Premier Bridal Boutique offering Wedding Gowns, Prom Dresses, and Tuxedo Rentals. 

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