Every bride wants her dream wedding, but getting it at a dream cost is another story. And as much as you’d like to make your big day a day to remember, you need to ensure you remember it for the right reasons. Otherwise, it could come to be known as a thorn in your side every time you get a credit card bill. Tips for cutting wedding costs.

So to keep you on the side of financial sanity, here are a few ways to cut costs on your wedding day:

Top Tips

1.) Let them eat cake. Having a gorgeous wedding cake designed for every one of your 150 guests will be incredibly expensive. Instead, have a smaller cake designed for display, and then have a sheet cake in the back that you serve to your guests. They’ll get to enjoy the beauty of the smaller cake while still enjoying the taste of the sheet cake.

2.) Rent and borrow. Chances are you probably have a couple of friends with wedding supplies that they aren’t going to use again for a long, long time, like white ribbon or extra balloons they didn’t use. Plus, wouldn’t it be more sentimental to use the cake knife and serving set that’s been in your family forever instead of using a generic one from a catering company?

3.) Multitask. While everything has its purpose, that doesn’t mean everything is limited to its purpose. The bridal bouquets, for example, don’t just have to be used for carrying down the aisle. They can also be your flower arrangements at certain tables.

More Tips

4.) Choose buffet style. Serving each person their portion can add up to a lot of uneaten food, and you end up paying for every individual salad someone just picked over. A buffet allows guests to choose what they want and how much, adding to less wasted food.

5.) Get creative with transportation. Instead of shelling out the money for a limousine, this is the perfect time to ask your grandpa if you could borrow his 68’ Chevelle to ride in style to your reception. Just guarantee him you won’t do any hot rodding on the way there. Or heck, let him drive you.

6.) Choose beer or wine for your cocktail hour. Hard alcohol can add up in price, and most guests don’t have a drink they can’t live without. Sure, your uncle is a scotch lover, but when it comes down to it he’ll survive with beer. And if they complain…wait, there’s someone that would complain about that? If someone complains, tell them they can bring their own, you’re not paying to get everyone drunk.

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