Choosing a wedding dress can be an overwhelming task. Think about it; it’s one of the most important days of your life, everyone you love and care about will be looking at you, and you’ll be saving pictures from this day on beautiful, acid-free paper. How could choosing what to wear on this important day not be stressful? Now, let’s take a deep breath; everything will be just fine. All you need to do is consider these things in mind when choosing your wedding dress:

 Start here with choosing your wedding dress

1.) Know what you like. Even if you don’t know the actual terminology of wedding dresses, or if you haven’t the slightest clue what silhouette you’re going for, being able to describe how you want to look (and feel) on your wedding day is important. Maybe you want to look regal, elegant, and sophisticated, or your personality is more cute, quirky, and fun. And if you’re not great with words, bring a few pictures of wedding dresses you like from catalogs or magazines. Even if you don’t want the exact dress, it’ll give the consultant an idea of what you’re looking for.

2.) Know the date and venue of your wedding. Knowing when and where you’re getting married is huge in choosing your dress. Will you be getting married in June on a beach in southern France, or will you be getting married in December in your local church? A heavy, royal gown might not mesh with your laid-back beach wedding vibe, and a light, airy dress with exposed shoulders might not be appropriate for your conservative church. Knowing the place and setting will help narrow down the options.

3.). Have a definite budget. As every person who has ever gotten married will undoubtedly tell you, a wedding budget can quickly go out the window if you’re not careful. Plus, if you don’t have a budget, you could end up trying on something you can’t afford, falling in love with it, and then never being able to find anything within your price range that measures up. Decide on a budget before you enter the store; a number you’d like to stay around and a number you can’t go above.

Also consider these

4.). Wear the right undergarments. These include nude bras, panties, and whatever Spanx or corset you might consider wearing on your wedding day. Choosing a dress takes a lot of focus, and exposed bra straps and a bright pink thong could be distracting…especially to those you brought along in your entourage.

5.) Trust your consultant. The store consultant has one job: to find you a wedding dress that you will absolutely love. What’s more, though, the consultant has done this more than once. They will know what kind of silhouette looks good on your body shape and what dress style you’re looking for when you’re having trouble describing it. If she returns with something that doesn’t quite look like something you would choose, try it on, you might surprise yourself.