What’s the first thing when you think of a traditional romantic wedding? Red roses probably come to mind, along with some form of chocolate, but what else? Surely, string instruments at your wedding come to mind. When it comes to weddings, many couples choose to accentuate the romantic theme running throughout. Why shouldn’t they; the entire day is about celebrating the love you and your fiancé have for each other, right? Of course, it is!

While you don’t want to do something too traditional. Stop for a second and think about the last time you attended a wedding with an ensemble of string instruments. Personally, I’ve never been to that wedding. Nor do I have any friends that have been to that wedding. So as traditional and “tired” as the concept may be. It’s actually very rarely done! And we say go for it when something is rarely done but is insanely romantic.

Of course, we understand the financial limitations of hiring an entire group instead of a DJ. We also know that getting down and dirty to a string quartet is a bit tough. So we’ve got a few ways to incorporate them into your wedding in a classy way that will still leave a memorable mark and keep your wedding modern and fresh.

1.) As arrival music. Hiring a group to play for just an hour before guests arrive won’t break the bank and will add a beautiful touch to your big day. Many guests are unsure what to do when they first arrive for a wedding. Drinks or food aren’t usually available until after the ceremony. Showing them to their seats with delicate music playing. It gives them something to do (watching a group play is just as interesting as listening) and keeps them from checking their watch every three minutes. Wondering when the show is about to start. Plus, watching a beautiful ceremony puts them in the right mood. Want people to cry at your wedding? Have a string quartet playing in the background.

2.) For walking up and down the aisle. Of course, if you have a short ceremony (20 minutes max). You might want to keep them around for the actual ceremony. They can play the song you walk down the aisle to (any song performed in strings is absolutely inspiring) and the song for your return trip.

3.) During photos. Your DJ may just be getting set up. So have the ensemble play a little something as background music while the cocktails and appetizers are being served. If the group plays modern hits, you can even have the guests request songs.  As a little fun activity to pass the time. Then as soon as you and your new spouse return from photos. Have the DJ turn on the louder music and start your party!

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