Clearly, the search for your wedding gown can be an overwhelming experience if you’re not sure what to look for. Your choice will be much easier when you know the four silhouettes of wedding gowns and which one will look most flattering on your figure. Wearing the right cut of gown for your body type can draw attention to your best features and minimize those you’re concerned about.

Definitely, there are four silhouettes, ball gown, sheath, princess cut, and empire, creating varying visual effects on different body types. Importantly if you haven’t tried on wedding dresses before. It is recommended that you try on at least a shape, silhouette, and style you wouldn’t think of wearing. This will allow you to see that stepping out of your comfort zone is ok.

You can find all four silhouettes at Lily’s Bridal. Also, your personal stylist will help you determine the best silhouette for your shape.

Ballgown and Sheath Style

Ball Gown Cut

The ball gown has a form-fitting bodice with a full skirt. Besides being the most traditional of all wedding gowns, it will have several types of waistlines. Starting with the basque waistline features a fitted bodice with an elongated triangle beneath and at the front and center of the waistline. This style diminishes the width of the dress at the waist. The second option the natural waistline for this dress is between the hip and the ribcage. The third option is an asymmetrical waistline features a change in waist height from one side of the dress to the other. The last, option is a dropped waistline is dropped and falls several inches below the natural waistline. This style of dress elongates the torso.

Sheath Cut

The most fitted style is the sheath, a form-fitting dress that closely follows the line of the body. The skirt has a slit in the dress’s front, side, or back or can flare out into a trumpet or mermaid style to make walking easier. Other names are Fit n Flare and Mermaid.

Aline and Empire Style

Aline Gown/Princess Cut

As you may know, the Princess cut, or A-line gowns, have an A-shape created by vertical seams running from the shoulders to a flared skirt and are characterized by their narrow-at-the-top, wider-at-the-bottom shape. This style is designed to elongate the lines of the body, adding classic elegance and an illusion of length. This dress doesn’t have a defined waistline. It fits through the torso and then flares out from the waist.

Empire Cut

Differing from the Aline cut, the empire has a high-waisted seam below the bustline that falls into a sheath or A-line skirt. The skirt begins 2 or more inches above the natural waistline and has a slender fit. This waist-minimizing cut allows extra room for brides with tummy issues or who are pregnant.