Yes it is Prom Time 2012, and one of the top prom shops in Maryland has some exciting news to share. Lily’s Bridal has over 900 dresses in stock, and we have the largest selection of exclusive prom dresses in Maryland. We are the only prom shop in Maryland to bring you our own exclusive line of prom dresses, Lily Mae. Our Lily Mae collection is amazing, and we are very proud to bring you a line designed by Lily’s Bridal. Lily Mae cannot be found in any other prom shop in Maryland.

What does this mean to the prom girls in Maryland? The biggest benefit is that you won’t find someone else wearing your prom dress. We register all prom dresses purchased from Lily’s Bridal to each school. We will not sell the same dress in the same color to the same prom. Other prom shops in Maryland may register their dresses purchased but you still risk someone else being in the same dress because those dresses are sold at other stores and online. So your chance is very high that someone else will have your prom dress.

Our exclusive line makes Lily’s Bridal different from all the other prom shops in Maryland. With our exclusive prom line, you won’t have to worry about wearing the same dress as someone else. Prom time 2012

As you venture out to find your prom, we offer you our best advice when shopping for your prom dress 2012 shops in Maryland.

Prom Shopping Tips

1.  Search prom magazines or online to find styles you like.

2.  Get a clear picture of what you want to wear for your prom.

3.  Try on a variety of styles. Be open-minded to dresses offered to you by Prom Stylists.

4.  Shop early for the best selection.

5.  When you find your dress buy it and take it with you. If you wait too long, someone else will purchase your dress.

6.  If you can’t purchase immediately, see if there is any hold so that you won’t lose your dress.

Stay Beautiful!