Now you would think that something as significant as marriage would be immune to something as simple as poor judgment. But you and I also know that relationships can sometimes be very muddy. Are you getting married for all the wrong reasons? If you’re thinking it is time for marriage but for any of the reasons below, please stop and think it over together.

Wrong Reasons

1.) Because it’s time. Maybe you’ve been dating someone for three years. Now that’s a pretty long time in relationship terms. However, that doesn’t mean that you two should take the next step, marriage. If you still have kinks to work out in your relationship, you should take your time and work those out. Deciding on marriage simply because people start asking about it is never, and I repeat, never a good idea. Let your relationship progress naturally. Don’t worry about what others think. It is your life.

2.) For stability. Do you hate being single? It’s okay if you do, and I completely understand. I’m better at being in a relationship. I like having someone to spoil. I also love to share my exceptional cooking skills with someone. Cooking for myself isn’t fun. But there’s a difference between preferring to be in a relationship and being terrified of being single. If you’re marrying someone strictly so you’ll never have to worry about being alone again, you’ll never appreciate them for who they are. You’ll constantly look at them as your safety net instead of your partner.

The fact is, you really need to know who you are by yourself before you should be committing yourself to someone else. That’s why so many divorces happen when people marry before the age of 25. Do you know your brain isn’t fully developed before the age of 25? You should know what it’s like to live on your own. Be able to take care of yourself 100%. Pay your own bills. Learn to be a responsible adult before you decide on marriage.

The Ultimate Wrong Reason

3.) Because everyone else is doing it. All your friends are planning weddings, buying a house, or having kids. You decide on marriage when you are ready. Everyone is at a different stage in their relationships, so do not judge your relationship based on your friends. It will cause many issues in your relationship. It can be easy to feel like you are slowly being left out of the group. After all, when all of your friends are planning their own weddings, it’s natural to want to have one to plan as well. Don’t get married to be on track with your friends. The best reason to take your relationship to the ultimate stage, marriage, is because you love each other. There shouldn’t be any excuses.

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