Ah, Pinterest and Your Wedding!

If you don’t know what Pinterest is, I’m afraid we can no longer be friends. I’m sorry that probably seemed a little harsh and unnecessary (even though legions of Pinterest fans would think otherwise). Pinterest (currently the fastest-growing social media site) lets you “pin” interesting or inspirational images to a virtual theme board. So instead of tearing out pages of magazines or writing down inspirational quotes on napkins, you can pin it to your online board instead. It’s pure genius and incredibly addicting. However, when it comes to planning your wedding, it’s a godsend.

If you use it effectively, that is.

Define ‘effectively,’ you say? But of course!

1.) Start early. You don’t have to be engaged or even have a significant other to start planning your dream wedding. Just think of all the work you’ll have out of the way when the day to start planning finally comes! And just in case you’re worried that this might come off a little sad, Pinterest now has the option to create three private boards. That means you can pin away to your heart’s content without anyone knowing. Plus, there’s even a Wedding category specifically for those looking to plan their upcoming nuptials.

2.) Use separate boards for separate categories. Pinterest allows you to create plenty of boards, so use them for different aspects of your wedding: one for dresses, one for floral arrangements, and maybe one for food. This also works great for your gift registry; if you’re registered at a store with its items listed online, you can pin them straight from your registry to your Pinterest board. Then by sharing your board with your guests, they can click on the item, leading them directly to where they can purchase it online. So convenient!

This will also come in handy when it comes time to meet with a vendor. Think of having a board full of photo ideas for your photographer or a board full of floral arrangement ideas for your florist. Instead of trying to explain the mood and feel of your wedding, you can show them your Pinterest board and a clearly defined concept will work wonders in getting your point across. This will keep everything from getting too jumbled up in the beginning. And speaking of ‘the beginning’…

3.) Start broad, and then narrow it down. Initially, you’ll want to pin anything that strikes a chord with you. Can’t decide between a beautiful arrangement of lilies or a delicate and whimsical collection of daisies? Pin them both! Pin it all, as a matter of fact. But as the big day gets closer and closer (and you start to gain input from your significant other), start whittling down the boards.

4.) Welcome the help. Allow a few trusted friends or family access to pin to your board. That way, if they see something that perfectly fits your wedding scheme, they can pin it to your board for you. And if you aren’t a fan of their pin? No worries, delete it. Or, you can even create a board specifically for your bridesmaids, friends, and family to post on. Either way, the options are endless!

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