You have found your bridal gown, so it is time to accessorize with some Bridal Bling. What jewelry will you wear? No matter how beautiful your necklace is, it may not look right if it suits your bridal gown’s neckline. When you accessorize your bridal gown, your eye should go from top to bottom without one thing standing out visually.

Lily’s Bridal has some tips on finding your bridal bling.

1.     Set a budget for your jewelry. What do you want to spend on your jewelry? Knowing your budget will determine whether to look for costume pieces, gemstones, sterling silver, plated jewelry, gold, or platinum. You can find costume pieces that have Swarovski crystals and are rhodium plated. The crystals sparkle like diamonds, and the plated jewelry shines like gold. You will be the only one that knows the truth about your jewelry.

2.     Know what will compliment the embellishments and color of your bridal gown. Silver details look best with silver jewelry, gold with gold, etc. If your gown has no silver or gold embellishments, then the color of the bridal gown will dictate your jewelry choice.

* White Bridal Gowns – Pearl or Platinum jewelry. Gold may clash with the bright white color. * Diamond White Gowns – Gold, Silver, Pearl, or Rose-tone jewelry. *Ivory Gowns – to highlight the creamy color of your dress, it is best to go with gold.

Different Necklines

3.     Sweetheart or Strapless neckline – A simple choker, pendant, drop, or princess. Don’t crowd the neckline.

4.     V-Neckline – a pendant/charm this gives your eye a focal point.

5.     Halter Neckline – keep it simple and have the necklace fall below the throat. You do not want to look too cluttered around your neck.

6.     One Shoulder – opt out of the necklace as it could clash with the neckline. Go for earrings.

7.     The key is to choose jewelry that you feel comfortable in and would normally wear. Your jewelry will show on your face if you are uncomfortable with it.