It is wedding season. The overwhelming majority of couples choose to get married in the warmer months for various reasons. It’s easier for family members to travel, it’s far enough from the holiday season, and everyone has some money and vacation days saved up. Of course, there’s a better chance of having an outdoor wedding. However, if you aren’t prepared, your outdoor wedding can turn into a disaster in the making, so here are a few tips to help ensure things run smoothly:

1.) Obtain the necessary permits. It might not seem like such a big deal. However, if you don’t have all the required permits on your wedding day. You could be looking at some serious fines. Also, we can bet you’ll already be over budget as it is. Virtually any public land or site (public parks, wildlife preserves, and historical landmarks, to name a few) requires a permit to use the land and gather many people.

2.) Have a backup plan for the weather. No matter how stable the weather seems, there is always a higher chance of inclement weather on your wedding day. So you’ll need a solid backup plan. You’ll have to ensure your backup plan has many of the same features as your original wedding site, like the ability to contain 250 people without creating an overcrowded fire hazard.

Tips for Outdoor Wedding

3.) Be safe. Plenty of things could go wrong at an outdoor wedding. So it’s best that you cover your bases. That means leaving the candles at home and using enclosed lanterns instead. Wear plenty of sunscreen and use common sense. You don’t want a BBQ in the middle of a bear preserve.

4.) Think about your guests. Many brides have no idea how hot sitting in those chairs in direct sunlight is because they’re not in direct sunlight. They’re under a shaded arbor. If it will be 100 degrees outside, ensure your guests sit in a shaded area. Make sure you have plenty of water. Also, have something to fan themselves with.

5.) Don’t forget about the restrooms! Trust me. No one wants to think about restrooms on their big day. You need to. If there’s a business nearby. Before telling your guests to use their facilities, you’ll have to check with them first. Also, if you’re out in the middle of nowhere. Please bring in some porta-potties to keep everyone comfortable.

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