While summer and spring are officially wedding seasons, winter isn’t exactly devoid of weddings.  Winter is the season most of us envision ourselves snuggled in a warm cocoon of fuzziness and hot chocolate. Christmas and New Year’s Day have selfishly kept the enjoyment of winter all to themselves. Besides those two holidays, winter has a reputation for being a time of counting down the days until the snow melts. However, winter can actually be an excellent time to have a wedding. Winter Weddings are fabulous.

Just imagine walking down the aisle in your beautiful white dress as the sky is filled with crystal-like snowflakes that are gently falling all around. Who wouldn’t want to get married in the winter? There are some great benefits to getting married in the winter.

The choice of venues and vendors will be practically unlimited. Many of the top venues in Maryland will book a wedding date 12-24 months in advance. Several wedding planners in the area have mentioned that brides will book their date at their preferred venue on the day of their future wedding, TWO YEARS in advance. In winter, many venues are slow and hungry for your business. When that’s the case, you will be much better-taken care of on your wedding day.

You can have comfort foods at your wedding. Winter weddings allow you to be creative with the winter wedding menu. Even at the most elegant of affairs, you can mix a few comfort foods such as macaroni and cheese, lasagna, and hearty soups. You can add fun winter beverages to your menu, such as eggnog, apple cider, and hot chocolate.

Your wedding colors will pop. What’s one of the first rules of interior decorating? Designers often suggest bringing in a white to allow something for the colors to play off of. Well, winter is the perfect clean slate. Whatever colors you choose have virtually nothing to compete with. White is a perfect setting for exactly what you want your final day to look like.

You will be the center of your photographs. Winter white provides a perfect backdrop for photographs. All the colors of your wedding will stand out in your photos. The stillness of a winter day perfectly captures the intense emotion of each moment. The warmth of your embrace strikingly contrasts with the brisk air surrounding you. Additionally, snow reflects light, meaning even at sunset, you will be cast with a soft, difficult-to-duplicate glow that looks utterly stunning when printed in black and white.

You can be good for your skin. For many brides, a summer wedding means having that perfectly bronzed skin, which can require much work. But in the winter, all you need is a healthy glow. To look overly tanned would be out of place, so work with your natural skin tones. Relax with a good body scrub, a slightly tinted lotion, and a good night’s sleep. You will look as radiant as ever.

You won’t have to worry about the heat. Many brides and grooms struggle through the summer heat and even pass out due to the heat and stress of the wedding. A winter wedding at least eliminates the heat aspect. For a bride who feels insecure about wearing revealing clothes, the winter season will give her an excuse to cover up more.

Winter weddings are more intimate. Many people wish for a small, intimate wedding, but it doesn’t always turn out that way. Before they know it, their guest list is in excess of 300. A winter wedding may help keep the guest list down due to winter travel. But for those that want more of their family to attend their wedding a winter wedding may be the best option. A Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, or winter break wedding will make it possible for more people to attend your wedding as they will have time off already and not have to miss work, lose money, or miss important school obligations. Planning a winter holiday wedding is also convenient for a busy bride or groom.

Your honeymoon will be cheaper. If winter wedding destinations are cheaper, it goes to reason that honeymoon locations will also be cheaper. During the off-season, you should be able to find great honeymoon packages for vacation places that still have decent weather for the time of year.

All in all, winter weddings are definitely the way to go. You have so many more options to choose from at a lower cost. You will also have a ready-made gorgeous backdrop for your wedding. Take a chance and experience incredible romance and have a winter wedding!