Everyone you know would be invited to your wedding in a perfect world. And we’re talking everyone: your family, closest friends, semi-close friends (like your Friday night drinking buddies), coworkers, people that follow your blog, and even people you absolutely can’t stand, like that “popular” girl that made your life miserable in high school but has since gained 40 pounds and works at a gas station. Yeah, she’s going to want to see this.

But the fact is, not everyone can come to your wedding, even people you really, really do care about. So what happens when they expect an invite but will definitely not receive one? We’ve got you covered.

Top 3

1.) Sorry, but you don’t have the budget. Weddings are expensive; everyone knows this. So blame it on the budget. Bring up something else that costs a ton of money that you were completely unaware of, like the photographer. This will direct the conversation to something else and give you something to bond over. Say, with how stretched your wedding budget already is. It’s hard to see how you are going to have any guests at all!

2.) Sorry, but it will just be family and maybe a few close friends. If it’s a friend, you can even say it will mainly be just family. Then if it’s a family member,…they probably already know why they aren’t invited. If not, direct them to your mother. She’ll let them know.

3.) Sorry, but the venue is really limited in the number of guests we can invite. Venues are tough to find, so when you find one that fits 90% of your needs, it’s understandable that a few things might get pushed to the side. So explain that your venue strictly limits the number of guests that can attend, and with your fiancé’s huge family, you’ve really had to cut out quite a few people you wish could come.

Final 2

4.) Sorry, but everything is still up in the air. If it makes you feel better to dance around the subject, say you haven’t finalized your guest list and are desperately trying to figure out how to avoid narrowing down your current list. Say limited space and funds are making it difficult, so you’ll let them know.

5.) Go, rogue. Here’s an option that’s just craze enough that it’s actually known to work. Wait until after the wedding, then call up the scorned guest asking if you two are “good.” Explain that you were disappointed not to receive an RSVP from them and hope everything is okay. They’ll explain that they never got an invitation, you can blame it on the postal service, and you can go out for coffee and laugh about it. Then in three weeks, text them and let them know the same thing happened to (insert name of a made-up friend or family member here) too! Crazy, right?!


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