It might seem like an odd problem while planning your wedding, but it happens to more couples than you think. Even with the most helpful fiancé of all time, sometimes you need an extra set of hands. Think about all the long-distance couples out there; he might not be able to come to the cake tasting, and if you need a second opinion and your family all live far away, your left with your friends. Some people don’t want to be a burden, so asking can be very tough. However, a wedding is incredibly stressful to plan on your own, so we’ve gathered a few ways to get a little help here and there when you need it most.

1.) Throw a wedding planning party. It’s a party, so it has to be fun: the key word being “fun.” Don’t make people show up with pads and pencils; sit quietly in a circle. That’s no fun at all. Have drinks and snacks readily available, and let them know any idea is open for discussion. If you start shutting people down immediately, no one will want to help.

You can assign categories to make it interesting (your mom is in charge of coming up with a floral scheme while your girlfriends are in charge of coming up with drink specials), or you can plan on everyone bringing their top general ideas to the table. Either way, keep the drinks and snacks abundant, and you should be able to have a great brainstorming session.

2.) Play up to their expertise. Everyone likes to be called an expert, so when you tell your friend what amazing fashion sense she has and then mention how difficult it’s been to find a bridesmaid dress, she’ll gladly offer her help. That’s this beauty; you don’t even have to ask. All you have to do is give a compliment and then wait to say ‘yes’ when they offer assistance.

3.) Call someone and ask. Eventually, you have to be a big girl and ask for help. Call your friend on the phone and ask if she’ll come to meet the florist with you later that week. If you’re mature enough to be getting married, you’re mature enough to pick up the phone and ask your friend for a quick favor.

4.) Don’t forget the strangers. That woman at the bridal shop might know more about weddings than you ever imagined, so it might be wise to ask her opinion on matters other than the dress. She might be full of useful information you would otherwise miss out on.

5.) Get help where you can. Need an extra set of hands but no one to help? Get creative. If you’re a kindergarten teacher, bring one of your wedding to-do’s to class as a project. It will save you a lesson plan and keep your kids busy. Have them fold origami swans instead of paper airplanes. It might not be the best route, but at least you’re getting the work done, and our kids are learning what swans are.

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