5 Things to Do Immediately After Getting Engaged – Now A Wedding!

One of you asked, and the other said yes: congratulations! Now a WEDDING!!!! These next few weeks will probably be some of the happiest times in your life, so it’s completely understandable if your mind checks out a few things. How do you focus at work when people stop by your cubicle for a quick proposal story? How can you do anything with your new shiny ring staring right at you? Which reminds us, you might want to take a day or two off from driving…

Of course, there are also a few important things you need to take care of, and lucky for you, we have already made a list:

1.) Tell those closest to you. It might be your first instinct to shout the good news from the highest mountaintop you can find (aka Facebook). However, your closest friends and family deserve better than that. These people love you most and deserve to learn from you in person, not over a computer screen. Besides, announcing it on Facebook before you’ve told your inner circle will rob you of seeing their faces the first time they hear the news.

2.) Insure your ring. The immediate weeks after you get engaged are some of the riskiest times for your new ring. People will not only want to see it, but they’ll want you to take it off so they can see it up close. So make sure you insure it right after the proposal.

3.) Lay off the wedding logistics. Wedding planning is stressful, and there’s plenty of time to lose sleep over the guest list and the venue’s price. So kick back and relax, this is a truly unique time in your life, and you should enjoy being engaged!

Final 2…

4.) But feel free to fantasize. However, we know that wedding planning is also part of the fun, so by all means, collect inspiration! Invite your girlfriends over for a night of drinking wine while flipping through bridal magazines. Stay up late with your fiancé laughing about the idea of the two of you using a penguin as your ring bearer. Have fun with it!

5.) Throw a party! Not an engagement party, just a celebratory “We’re engaged!” party. Invite everyone over for a backyard BBQ, or have everyone get dressed up and meet you at your favorite restaurant. Be prepared to show off your ring and tell the proposal story repeatedly (trust us, at this point, it just gets better every time). And once again, congratulations!

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