If you plan on doing most of your wedding alone, you aren’t alone. Weddings are one of the most expensive purchases many people make in their lifetime, alongside a home, a car, and an education. So it’s perfectly natural to want to cut some costs by doing most of the work yourself. However, some of your do-it-yourself ideas could become an absolute disaster if you aren’t careful. To prevent that from happening, we’ve got a few DIY Wedding Tips:

1.) Keep it simple. Just because you’re doing the bulk of your wedding alone doesn’t mean you should tackle what a professional could easily do. If you can’t afford a florist. Don’t try arranging 40 centerpieces and 12 bouquets alone. That would be nearly impossible and incredibly stressful. Instead, keep it simple. Instead of intricately arranged bouquets, have your bridesmaids carry delicate collections of dried wildflowers or a simple bunch of baby’s breath. Even some creative, like a pinwheel, can add an interesting (and easy) touch. A stress-free DIY wedding tip

2.) Choose a location that does most of the work. Choosing a completely blank space, like a white tent, means decorating the entire thing. Instead, choose an already beautiful spot. Such as an old church, an enchanting garden, or a relaxing beach. Think about it; with plenty of light shining through vintage stained glass windows. Would anyone even notice a bit of streamer by the door?

3.) Go for high impact. Instead of drowning yourself in hours and hours and hours of work. Choose small tasks with high visual impact. Go for bright colors or vivid accents. This cuts down on the cost of the materials you’ll have to use and the time it takes to put the look together.

DIY Wedding Tips 4 & 5

4.) Look for the best deals. Just because your local party store has the streamers you want. That doesn’t mean that’s where you can get them for the best price. In this day and age of online shopping. You can get virtually anything you need for the lowest possible price with some research. Check various stores, including online stores, vintage shops, yard sales, and even with friends that have been recently married.

5.) Prioritize. Doing things on your own means, you can’t do everything. There will be some things that you have to let go of. Focus on the main points of your big day and ensure those aspects are as perfect as possible. A few things will most likely fall through the cracks, and that’s okay, just as long as those are minor things.

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