Ah, the wedding venue. It’s actually a pretty tricky thing; not only is it one of the most significant components of your wedding (since it will probably determine the rest of your decorations and budget), but it’s also one of the hardest things to nail down. Sure, you may have a spot in mind, but maybe you don’t realize there’s a two-year waiting list, or maybe you didn’t realize how much more expensive a venue is in the summer than in the winter. Well, here are some criteria for a wedding venue:

Top Criteria for a Wedding Venue

1.) The time of year. Some venues are only available at certain times of the year, and the prices often change depending on what season you want to get married. For so many people, though, the time of year is the most non-negotiable part of the wedding. Sure, your original guest list might expand, and you may even agree to be married inside instead of outdoors, but switching from a summer wedding to a winter wedding is a change many are unwilling to make. So be sure you have a good idea of your venue options for the season of your future wedding. The top criteria for choosing a wedding venue.

2.) Your needs. What are you planning on doing on your big day? Will your reception be at the same place as the ceremony, or will that be at a different venue? You’ll have to consider other details if the reception is at the same place. Such as if you need a dance floor, how a band or DJ will get set up. If you need on-site catering? In addition, how many people will be attending the ceremony? If you plan on getting married outside in a beautiful garden, is there a backup plan in case the weather turns nasty?

Criteria #3 and  #4

3.) How it looks pre-decoration. No matter where you decide to get married. You will want to make it all your own, and every venue will have challenges. However, the most challenging thing is often covering up other decorations. If your wedding colors are purple and green and your potential venue has fluorescent blue walls, that might be a deal breaker. Besides a place that shares your exact wedding colors (probably not going to happen), you will want to look for something with a neutral palette. That way, you won’t have to worry about covering every square inch.

4.) The location. Being a born and bred Montana girl, I completely understand the idea of having your ceremony on a mountaintop somewhere where everyone hikes to the location. However, your grandparents will probably be unable to participate in this ceremony. If you really want to make it convenient for everyone, choose a location close to some accommodations so your guests won’t have to travel an extra hour to the wedding spot.

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