Crowded stores might seem like something to avoid at all costs in the upcoming months, but if you’re planning a wedding, you could be looking at a minefield of discount decorations. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hanukah, Black Friday, and New Year’s Day, you could seriously score on holiday decorations for your wedding.  Just take a look at these suggestions.

Holiday Decor Suggestions

– Tableware and glassware: As soon as Christmas is over, all those frosted champagne glasses and embellished white dinnerware plates are going to go on sale (if they aren’t already). And if you aren’t able to afford silver knives and spoons, plastic silver ones abound! These holiday decorations for your wedding would set the tone for sure.

– Candles: Not only are candles everywhere during the holidays but so are abundant scents and sizes. Those tiny little tea lights that are impossible to find in large quantities throughout the year? They’re available in every store during December!

– Lights: During no other time of the year will you probably be able to find so many white twinkle lights on sale. These can be hung in the open in trees or arbors and underneath tablecloths for a nice, ambient glow. Plus, don’t forget about all those holiday bulbs! If red or green is one of your wedding colors, stock up on colored bulbs to shine light in the corners of your reception hall.

– Knick-knacks: As long as it doesn’t have holiday-themed writing on it, all those little knick-knacks don’t need to go to waste. Now is a great time to collect flame-retardant leaves for table settings or aisle dressings. In addition, all those white and silver branches can also be used for decoration!

Additional Ideas

– Fake greenery: Flowers are expensive, and there’s nothing wrong with spending the money for a few beautiful real flowers. Such as inn your bouquet or to line the aisle. While using fake flowers or greenery in the far corners of your reception hall. No one is going to notice it if it’s 14 feet in the air, so save the money and use that leftover garland you picked up for $2!

– Favors: Search your favorite magazines and stores, and you’ll find that almost all of them are offering some gift set for the holidays. Stock up on these little gift sets for a quarter of the price of a regularly priced item. You’ll save plenty of money for other aspects of your wedding.

– Ornaments: There are countless uses for ornaments; you can stack them in tall vases to be used as centerpieces or hang them from the ceiling or chairs. Even if they’re as ugly as can be, buying them cheap means you can repaint them in your wedding colors and even monogram them yourself with your and your fiancé’s initials.

Holiday decorations for your wedding day can be a true cost savings for your big day!

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