Most bridal shops in Maryland require an appointment to try on wedding gowns. If you are like many brides, you may wonder why this is required from bridal shops in Maryland. Most places you shop today do not require an appointment. At Lily’s Bridal, we require an appointment to try on dresses. I want to share with you why our Maryland Bridal Shop will actually make the search for your wedding gown easier and less stressful.

As one of the top bridal shops in Maryland, we serve thousands of brides each year in their quest to find the perfect wedding gown. With such a large demand and limited space in our dressing rooms, we request that you schedule an appointment.  So you won’t have to wait and, more importantly, have our bridal fashion consultants’ complete and undivided attention. We also recognize the number of brides who want to experience shopping at one of the top bridal shops in Maryland, and with our limited staff, we must schedule appointments. This allows us to cater to every request and help you have an unforgettable experience searching for your dress.

Your wedding day isn’t just any day. It’s one of the most important days of your life. Absolutely you will love how we treat you when you schedule an appointment at our store. Brides who have experienced the magic of one of our appointments are raving fans of the fun and excitement they have not found at any other Maryland bridal shop.

Shopping for a wedding gown differs from any other clothing you’ve ever purchased. Also, having an appointment ensures you will receive the best service and the complete and full attention of our experienced and highly trained bridal fashion consultants. Each of our bridal fashion consultants has seen gowns on many women in various shapes and sizes. Without a doubt, they can recommend a dress that will look great on your body. Not only should you come in with an open mind and listen to her recommendations. But you may even be surprised at the fit of some shapes or styles you have never considered wearing. All you have to do is take the time to schedule an appointment.

Once you book your appointment at Lily’s Bridal. You will see gowns found at no other Maryland bridal shop. Our gowns are exclusive to Lily’s Bridal

Lily’s Bridal looks forward to working with you to find your dream dress!

Everyone at Lily’s Bridal wants you to know that we are here to help you. Take the time to schedule an appointment and give us an opportunity to educate you about the best choices available for your wedding day.