Everyone has their favorite part of the wedding, maybe when the groom first sees the bride, the food, or the open bar. Many of my friends enjoy the act of getting dressed up. While personally, I’m all about the cake. A wedding with a good cake is a fantastic wedding indeed. However, as much as your guests may differ about their favorite parts of a wedding. They tend to be on the same page with what your wedding guests will appreciate the most. Read on for some of the best suggestions for a wedding your guests will truly enjoy.

1.) You keep things moving. Nothing makes people antsy, quite like having nothing to do. Taking photographs between the ceremony and the reception is common, but making your guests wait three hours between the wedding and reception can be a little much. When dinner is over, get on with the cake-cutting; don’t dawdle! When people get hungry and thirsty, they get cranky, and the last thing you want at your wedding is a group of 200 cranky people.

2.) You keep them comfortable. A ceremony in direct sunlight is understandable, but don’t make your guests sit in that climate for 45 minutes! No one wants to start off the reception sweaty and sunburned. And on the contrary, don’t subject your guests to a freezing cold room for the entire night, especially your elderly guests.

3.) You keep things light. Too many rules can stress people out. There’s nothing wrong with having a set schedule for things (an order in which tables are served, for example), but anything too stringent will make guests wonder what they can do. Is it an appropriate time to dance? Can they approach the bride and groom for a hug, or will they be ushered away?

4.) You keep speeches short and appropriate. You know, the ones in your wedding party that tend to go on and on and on and on and on, so nip it in the bud and make sure they keep their speeches to a 5-10 minute maximum. It’s also a smart idea to read through the speeches first. What your best man thinks is a funny story could actually end up ruining the entire evening. Case in point: I attended a recent wedding where the bridesmaids’ speeches turned into a bridal roast, and the bride’s father didn’t wish the happy couple any congratulations. He just talked about how proud he is of his son, that couldn’t make it that night.

5.) You provide them with a ride home. Chances are, your wedding couples are making the silent deal they often make with each other; one of them can drink while the other will stay sober for the drive home. Ensuring they have free transportation at the end of the night is a perfect way to let them both enjoy your wedding without any risk.

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