It seems like a new idea, but the wedding website has been circling for a few years. What’s more surprising is how few couples actually take advantage of this service. It’s understandable to avoid it if you’ve never gotten along well with computers. But let me give you an idea of what you are missing out on and why having a wedding website will make your wedding run much more smoothly.

1.) A website doesn’t get lost. As much effort as you put into your invitations (they look absolutely stunning), many guests will lose them. Along with all the additional information you stuffed them with. Nearby hotels, directions to the wedding venue. The dress code is gone where you and your fiancé are registered. A wedding website lets you put all this information in one place, so even your most disorganized guests will have a place to find all the information they need.

2.) Websites are more intimate. This may seem counterintuitive, of course, and you’ve probably got your mother in your ear explaining how hand-written invitations are much more meaningful, but I stand by my statement. Websites allow you to upload much more than what you could put in a mail-out invitation. You can add countless photos of you and your fiancé. Not to mention photos of important people at the wedding party. People will need to get ahold of the Maid of Honor and the Best Man for various things, and a website lets people know how to get ahold of them and just who they are. Plus, how awkward is it to go to a wedding and not know the bride’s parents or brother? A website takes care of these issues.

More reasons why to have a wedding website

3.)  Websites are active 24 hours a day. Do you know those idiots that call the bride on the wedding day, asking for directions to the venue? Yeah, a wedding website will cut those idiots in half. If not, eliminate them completely. And no one has to worry about when they can or can’t get ahold of you. Think of it as your own personal wedding secretary; the website will have all the required information and will be available to your guests every second of the day. That’s got to be enough to give you a little sigh of relief.

4.) Websites are convenient. Attending a wedding is more of a process than many people think. You have to find a place to stay, figure out something to wear, buy the couple a gift, get time off work, book your tickets, budget for the trip, etc. So make things easier on your guests. Having all the information in one area will make it infinitely easier for them to book their trip, find out where you’re registered, and RSVP.

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