The idea of compromising on your wedding seems a bit…odd. Isn’t this the day you’ve been dreaming of for as long as you can remember? You get to call the shots, and if anyone has a problem with anything, you automatically win because you’re the bride, right? Wedding compromises.

Well…kind of.

As it turns out, those who don’t compromise on anything are not called brides; they’re called bridezillas and for good reason. Unless you want to alienate your entire family and have your groom second-guessing his decision to marry you, you must compromise on a few things. Having said that, there are also some things you should never back down about. Read on.

Do Wedding Compromise:

1.) The guest list. Contrary to what modern media tells us, a wedding is not just about the bride. It’s also about the groom and marks the joining of two families. You may hate your groom’s best friend, but if he wants him to be the best man, he gets to be the best. And it doesn’t matter if you can’t stand that woman who has been friends with his family for an eternity. If they consider her family, you must now consider her family, and on the guest list, she goes.

2.) The decorations. Your guests will not remember if your silverware had a ribbon around it, and they’re much less going to remember if that ribbon looked professionally tied or like you did it yourself. You don’t have to do the same thing as that wedding you found on Pinterest. You need to be close. Use those pictures for inspiration, and stop stressing over the details. A wedding compromise must.

DON’T Wedding:

1.) The budget. Keep in mind that you’re getting married…and that’s all. That statement is not meant to be a downer. It’s meant to remind you that your whole life is ahead of you! You’ll need money for other things down the road, like a house, kids, travel, or whatever other goals you and your new spouse have together. It may seem like an extra $50 here and an extra $100. There is nothing to worry about, but it adds up. Stay within your budget, no matter what.

2.) Your overall plan. As soon as you get engaged, you will deal with more than a handful of wedding planning wannabes trying to influence your choices about your wedding, and you should stand your ground. A wedding compromise pass.

3.) The dress. Since we’ve already covered the importance of staying within budget, we’ll remind you that your dream dress is only yours if you stay within your price range. Having said that, pick the style that you want. If your mom wants you in a ballgown and a tiara, and you want the sleek, modern dress with a flower in your hair, do what you want. She’s your mom, not the bride, and she’ll get over it. You might not.

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