Planning a wedding can be quite a stressful experience, so it’s no wonder why so many people feel the most stressed out on the day when everything is supposed to come together. One day, you’re about to discover if all those sleepless nights were in vain. However, no one wants to look like a ball of stress in their wedding pictures. This is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, don’t you want to enjoy it a little? Of course, you do! So we’ve gathered a few tips for coping with stress on your wedding day. To help calm your nerves and release overwhelming stress.

Top Suggestions

1.) Dance. Moving to music is one of the best ways of releasing stress. Not only can the right song completely change your state of mind. Any form of exercise releases endorphins, proven to lighten your mood. No need to break a sweat. Turn on one of your favorite feel-good songs and bob your head to the beat.

2.) Get outside. There is something so soothing about standing up and stepping outside momentarily. It’s called “a breath of fresh air” for a reason. So get away from all those papers, makeup, and everything else and step outside momentarily. Spend a few minutes in the backyard or go up to the roof of your apartment building. You’ll be able to regroup in no time.

3.) Lay down for a bit. Take a quick catnap. You might feel like there’s no way you could sleep on a day like this, but if you have a few extra minutes, try to rest for a second. You’ll appreciate how much better you’ll feel after a quick power nap. And the rest of your bridal party probably will too. A nap is great for coping with stress on your wedding day.

Final suggestions to help with stress

4.) Make a list. Brides are so nervous about everything on their big day because they can’t see what is functioning right in front of them. You may be so flustered you may not realize that you’ve already talked to the caterers about setting up a half hour early. So make a list of everything that needs to be done on this day, then cross off everything that has been completed. Allow others to cross off tasks they have also completed. Seeing things get crossed off that list will help put your mind at ease.

5.) Eat something. This is no time to let your blood sugar drop. You don’t want to faint in front of 250 people, do you? So even if you don’t feel like it, eat a little something. A granola bar, some cheese, crackers, or even just a piece of candy will give you the boost you’ll need to de-stress and regain your footing.

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