Wedding food tends to fall into two distinct categories. The unbelievably delicious and the forgettable. Now, with all the money you will probably spend on feeding all these people. Isn’t it safe to say you don’t want your food to be considered “forgettable?” Otherwise, what’s the point in even feeding them at all? So before you put your money down on a caterer, leave the rest to them. You must do some research. To ensure the best quality of food at your wedding, here are some questions you must ask:

1.) Do they have all the proper licenses, certifications, and references? Maybe you’ve chosen to handle an up-and-coming florist or DJ, but taking a risk regarding food is a horrible idea. Having forgettable food is one thing, but having it be remembered for the line it created at the restrooms is quite another. You’ll want to ensure everything is prepared, transported, and maintained at the correct temperatures, and having the right license is step one in ensuring that, and having plenty of references will also ease your mind regarding service and safety.

2.) What does the price cover? Once you know the price range you’re looking at, you’ll want to know exactly what that price covers. Some caterers bring the food, serve it, clean up, and leave, while others act more like banquet managers, cueing the band when dinner is about to be served and notifying the bride and groom when it is time to cut the cake. You should also check to see if the cake or alcohol is covered. You only not need to hire a bartender if that part isn’t covered in the caterer’s fees. Make sure you know precisely what you’re getting for the price.

Questions for Caterer

3.) Who is your main contact? As with any vendor, the person you need to call with problems must be on speed dial. Also, this person must know that you consider them your primary contact regarding food. Weddings are incredibly hectic, and an experienced vendor knows that the closer the date creeps up, the more frantic many brides become. Of course, an experienced vendor will know how to calm your fears instead of ignoring your many panicky phone calls.

4.) Do they offer a tasting, and can they make adjustments to their food? This is your wedding, so you absolutely need to know every detail about every detail in your wedding, which means not only tasting the food that will be served but being able to make adjustments as necessary. Perhaps you have a peanut allergy or an aversion to spicy food. A good caterer will always be able to make a few adjustments to their dishes. Of course, too many adjustments will change the taste, so you need to discuss these things with your caterer.

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