Let’s be honest. We all want to look our very best on our wedding day. But no matter what our weight might be, looking our best also means having a healthy glow and being hydrated enough to dance the night away without collapsing from exhaustion. So before you start some crazy crash diet, take a look at some of our fool-proof tips to get fit for your wedding day.

1.) Set a goal. And not just any goal, but something measurable and realistic. Setting a goal of “get in better shape” isn’t going to do you any favors. Instead, set something measurable, like “running a 5k in under 40 minutes” or “being able to do 30 pushups in a row”. These are things you can measure so you have an idea of your progress.

2.) Get a buddy. Think of it as strength in numbers. Find a friend that is also dedicated to getting in shape and helping each other stay on track. Don’t worry if you can’t find a friend in your immediate vicinity; plenty are out there! Join a cycling group at your local gym or even look online for a fitness buddy. Plenty of people are out there looking for a friend to get in shape with!

Stick with it

3.) Set a schedule. As setting a goal needs to be specific, so does this. Don’t just say you’re going to “run more”. Put down exactly what you’re going to do. Maybe you want to lift two days a week and run two days a week. Good, but still not good enough. How far or how long will you be running? What will you be lifting? What are your set and rep numbers? Don’t worry if this all seems confusing: hiring a personal trainer will help you become familiar with the routine. It will help you become more comfortable with different forms of exercise. And speaking of different forms of exercise…

4.) Mix it up. The reason so many people give up on their fitness routine isn’t because it’s hard but because it’s boring! So switch up your exercises! Spend a day going hiking, swimming, playing racketball, or rowing. Don’t condemn yourself to do the same thing repeatedly; that’s no fun for anyone!

5.) Follow a healthy diet. It doesn’t matter if you’re running 20 miles a day; if you eat like crap, the weight isn’t going to come off. So take a look at your diet and make the necessary changes. It’s not about starving yourself. It’s about portion control and self-discipline. Eat when you are hungry, and make better choices about what you are eating. No more salt-laden fast food. Think fresh fruits and veggies instead.

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