Frequently Asked Questions

The Bridal Appointment

How long is my appointment?
Your 1st Bridal Appointment at Lily’s Bridal is for 90 minutes with your personal Bridal Stylist.
Should I bring pics of wedding dresses that are my favorite?
Please do if you have photos of wedding dresses that you like. Even if it is the neckline of the dress you like. At Lily’s Bridal, we want to learn all we can about the dress you see yourself wearing on your wedding day.
How many people should I bring to my wedding dress appointment and who should they be?
At this time we are allowing the bride and up to 3 additional guests. We suggest that you bring the people you want to be part of your special moment. The people that know your style and are there to help you.
What sizes are your wedding dresses?
Lily’s Bridal works extremely hard making sure that every bride that comes to Lily’s can actually try on wedding dresses. Our wedding dresses are offered in sizes 6 to 30.
Can I take pictures of my favorite dress?
ABSOLUTELY!!! We understand that wedding dresses are beautiful and of course, you want photos of everyone you try on but it does eat up a lot of time taking pictures of wedding dresses you don’t like. Our only concern we have with taking photos of every wedding dress, running out of time during the appointment. So if you could limit to wedding dresses you like it would be helpful.

Dress Shopping

Should I make an appointment before I come to look at wedding dresses?
Yes, please call and schedule your appointment. We will do our best to accommodate any walk-in brides.
What are your wedding dress prices?
Our wedding dresses range from $1200 – $3000. With the average price being $1400 – $1500.
Do we buy used dresses?
No, we do not sell used dresses. Our dresses are new from our select designers.
Do you rent wedding dresses?
No, we do not rent wedding dresses.

Ordering the Dress

When should I order my wedding dress?
Lily’s Bridal can sell wedding dresses from our inventory. If you wish to special order your wedding dress it can take 6 – 9 months for your wedding dress to be completed and shipped. Then you should allow 3 months for alterations. We recommend that you order your wedding dress 9 – 12 months before your wedding date. This will allow you time for alterations.
My wedding is 2 months away, can I still get a wedding dress from Lily’s Bridal?
Absolutely you can! We have our in-house collection and view rush options from our designers.
I am working on losing weight. When should I order my wedding dress?
We recommend you order your wedding dress with the 9 – 12 months in mind no matter your situation. We recommend ordering based upon your current measurements. Once you hit your desired weight your wedding dress can be altered to fit your shape. It is best to take a dress in than trying to find fabric to let it out.
What is required to order my wedding dress?
Lily’s Bridal requires payment in full to order your wedding dress. We do offer a payment plan if time allows. If you are purchasing your wedding dress directly from our inventory we do offer a layaway program. There is a processing/admin fee for the payment plan and or layaway.
Are alterations included?
Alterations are an additional cost. A list of suggested seamstresses is provided to you at your time of purchase. Feel free to use whomever you wish to use.
What if my wedding is canceled or postponed?
Our designers do not offer returns, exchanges, or refunds. So all sales are final at Lily’s Bridal. There are no exceptions.
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