Bridal Stylist Position Information

Thank you for submitting your resume for our Bridal Stylist position at Lily’s Bridal and Prom Boutique!

I wanted to provide you with additional information about the position and ask that you take a short quiz. Why the quiz? Working in this business requires core traits. So this is very important to us. We can teach you how to work and sell. This test allows us to see who really wants to take the next steps to be part of Lily’s Bridal and Prom Boutique.

Bridal Stylist – We are looking for someone that wants to make this a career and not just a job to pass the time. Working with brides is very rewarding.  We also need someone that is comfortable being in video. As this will be needed for a social media accounts. If you aren’t comfortable still continue with the quiz. No worries.

 How to Take the Test

Here is step by step instructions on the test. Click on the link below, it will take you to the DISC Page. Once you are on the page, click the button that states Click Here To Start Your Free DISC Test. The screen will ask you for your first name, last name, and email. Please complete that information and hit submit your data button. The next screen click the button Start Your Assessment. Follow the instructions to answer the 12 questions, it should take about 8 – 10 minutes. You do not need to pay for any reports. The FREE report is all we need. 

Once you complete the 12 questions, a screen with a button of Click to Get Your Results or Change Previous Answers. If you are happy with your answers pick Get Your Results. The screen that will show up next will state your name and the your style type. Example Kimberly, Your At Work DISC Style is S/C.  Now you are ready to download and share your report with Lily’s Bridal. Click on the button – Click Here to Get Your Free Printable DISC Style Report. 

The next screen will show your name and email information. Verify it is correct and then click submit to build your report. The next screen will state your report is ready, click on Get Your Results. 

 A summary page will review a graph and other information. Scroll to the bottom of that screen and click on Download Your Free DISC Style Report. Now email your downloaded report to 

If you run into any issues please email us and we will answer any questions.