It’s tradition; at the end of the wedding, the bride and groom make their grand exit while guests shower them with…something. It used to be rice but with the awareness of how unhealthy it is for birds. People have been exploring alternatives to rice to throw at the end of their wedding. Of course, we aren’t ones to make you do countless hours of research, so once again, we’ve made a handy-dandy little list for you:

1.) Bubbles! Yes, some may consider it a worn-out trend, but we feel it’s here to stay. And why? Because of all the pros: bubbles don’t stain clothes, you will have nothing to pull out of your hair, there’s nothing to clean up, it’s not bad for animals or the environment, and it’s just fun. Everyone loves blowing bubbles…everyone. Show me someone who hates bubbles, and I’ll show you an alien or a robot. A great alternative to rice.

2.) Flowers. It’s also not uncommon for people to toss flower petals. And why wouldn’t you?! They’re beautiful, smell amazing, and are easy to pick from your hair and clothing (very unlike rice). Plus, they are large enough that they show up well in photos. Just imagine how beautiful a scene it would be as you and your new spouse run through a tunnel of cascading rose petals. Yeah, we thought so too.

3.) Sparklers! Sparklers are also a growing trend as of late, for the exact same reasons as bubbles. Mostly, the clean-up is a minimum, and everyone likes sparklers. You could have the worst day ever, and as soon as someone puts a sparkler in your hand, all you can think about is the best way to write your name in the air before the flame goes out. Just look at this list as an example; “Bubbles” and Sparklers” are the only two points followed by an exclamation point instead of a period. It’s not a coincidence, folks.

4.) Bird or grass seed. If you want to through something as similar to rice as possible, consider one of these options. It’ll be almost exactly the same as rice, but it’s good for the animals and environment, so you won’t have to clean it up afterward.

5.) Nothing – hold something instead. Having your guests hold something over your head to create a tunnel is just as good as throwing something or waving it around. Umbrellas, for example, make an absolutely adorable way to send off guests. Plus, guests can also take pictures with them all night long!


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