Shopping for your wedding dress should be an amazing experience! Just think about it; you, joined by your closest friends. Trying on one gorgeous dress after another. Imagine walking down the aisle toward the love of your life while wearing each one. You leave the store beaming with pride and excitement. While your mom is still recovering from seeing you in a wedding gown for the first time. Sounds great, right?

Well, it can be. Provided you don’t make one of these six common mistakes when wedding dress shopping:

1.) Bringing way too many people. Choosing the entourage of close friends and family accompanying you to the store can be very delicate. You don’t want to bring too many people (too many opinions make for a confusing and frustrating appointment), and you don’t want to leave anyone out.

In general, stick to a group of under five people. Keep it to only the closest of your family or friends. Like your parents, sister, and Maid of Honor, for example. Also, leave the kids at home. A wedding dress shop is not the place for a child. They get bored fast, besides that it is about you that day.

2.) Trying on too many dresses. You will probably look good in so many of the dresses. So trying on too many dresses is sure to confuse you. Come to the store with an idea of what you want and some details of your wedding. Such as location, season, the mood you’re going for, etc. Then let the stylist help you. When you find one you absolutely love, stop!

3.) Trying on dresses outside your price range. If you can only afford to spend $1,000 on a dress, don’t try on the dress in the window that’s $15,000. Trust me, it’s $15,000 for a reason, and no $1,000 dress is ever going to be able to compare to it.

4.) Forgetting to account for additional dress costs. The price on the tag is not the total price for the wedding dress.  You must account for various undergarments, alterations, and any delivery or holding fees the store may have.

5.) Not trusting the consultant. The stylist helping you find your wedding dress has probably done this with other women hundreds of times (if not more). You don’t think you’re the first person they’ve ever helped that’s looking for a romantic lace, mermaid cut gown, do you? No, you aren’t, and you need to let them do their job.

6.) Being pressured by prices. This is not only a very big financial purchase but also a big emotional purchase. Don’t let crazy deals and prices make you buy something that you don’t absolutely love.

Consider these common mistakes when you start your wedding dress shopping, and you will have an amazing experience.

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