You are getting married. You have your wedding dress, and now you must figure out what you will do with your hair. It’s time to schedule a visit to your hair person and start going over your wedding day hair.

1.) Plan! Since it is necessary to buy your dress a few months in advance, it’s also necessary to plan the other aspects of your look in advance, too, namely your hair, makeup, and accessories. Since all of these components are meant to work together. So book an appointment with your salon when you have a few ideas floating around.

2.) Choose your hairstyle with your veil or headpiece in mind. Even though it may seem common sense, many brides get so caught up in the planning that they choose a hairstyle and a headpiece separately. Then the two don’t work well together when they do a test drive closer to the big day. If you fall in love with a headpiece or a veil or are thinking of wearing flowers or feathers in your hair, bring everything along to the salon when trying out potential wedding day hairstyles. So if there’s a hairstyle you’re already set on, keep it in mind when choosing your hair accessories.

3.) Practice. After you settle on a hairstyle, you must practice the look on your hair at least twice before the big day. This also gives you a time frame for how long it takes to create this specific style and when you should be showing up at the salon.

No Surprises or lies hairstyles

4.) No surprises! Don’t go coloring your hair the day before your wedding unless your hairstylist is fully aware. From your first appointment to your wedding day, they should be involved in every decision you make with your hair. You never know. That “little trim” you got could add time to creating a specific hairstyle you set your heart on. Keep your hairstylist in the loop.

5.) Be honest. If you don’t like something, speak up! Say something if you think your hairdo makes you look like a wet poodle. You’ll be bitter about it long into your 80s when looking at wedding photos with your great-grandkids. It’s your wedding. You should always have the final say. Bringing pictures and magazine cutouts to your appointment should help clear up any confusion. Having said that, it’s also important to trust your hairstylist. They’re professionals and probably have good ideas about what might perfectly complement your wedding dress.