Are you now engaged? If so, congratulations! We are incredibly excited for you, as you will now get to enjoy planning your big day.

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However, with so much to do, and only so little time, you may be wondering which wedding planning tasks you should complete first.

We believe that every couple should start their wedding planning off right! That’s why, here at Lily’s Bridal & Prom Boutique, as a Baltimore bridal boutique, we have gathered some of the first tasks to complete after getting engaged. Would you like to discover what these tasks are? If so, be sure to read on:

  • Develop You Guest List

    Your guest list will be a key factor of many of your wedding planning details. From the size of the venue you will need, to how much food will be served, the number of guests you have attending your big day will certainly come into play. So, developing your guest list should be one of the first tasks that you complete.

  • Book Your Venue

    Without a venue, where will you host your celebration? Therefore, you will certainly want to book yours well in advance. This way, your space is secure, and you can continue on with planning your other wedding details, such as choosing a theme and color scheme to complement your venue.

  • Discover Your Wedding Dress

    Making a grand debut down the aisle in a gorgeous wedding dress is certainly of importance! Therefore, you will want to discover yours soon after getting engaged. After all, it may take some time to find “the one”. In addition, alterations will most likely need completed.

You will want to ensure that you start your wedding planning off right! These are just a few tasks that you should complete first after getting engaged.

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Are you now engaged and ready to discover your own wedding dress at a bridal boutique in Baltimore, Maryland? If so, please contact us here at Lily’s Bridal & Prom Boutique, as we would be pleased to pair you with yours.


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