Sit Down Dinner Wedding Reception

What is a sit-down dinner wedding reception? Well it consists of several plated courses served to your seated wedding guests. You select from a first course, perhaps a soup, salad, entree, perhaps an intermezzo, and each course is brought to your guests’ tables, with friendly, experienced wedding servers bringing guests the entrees they desire.

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Can I afford a sit down dinner wedding reception?

Draw up a budget. It is most important that you know exactly how much money you’re working with, as well as how much of your wedding budget you can designate to a sit-down dinner. This budget is not just for the sit down dinner wedding reception.

Figure out how many guests you can invite. A sit-down dinner wedding reception can cost anywhere from $30 to $150 per person. If you’re inviting over 200 people, you may want to stick to the lower end of the spectrum, but if you’re only inviting 50 people, you may be able to spend a bit more.

Decide how many courses you want. In most cases, the more courses you have, the more expensive the meal is going to be. Cut courses to save on cost.

Do your research. Before you go anywhere, look up caterers you are interested in online and see if you can get a quote. If you cannot get a quote online, make appointments with different caterers. Be honest about your budget. If the caterer is out of your price range, it’s better to know early. Similarly, if the caterer knows your budget, he or she may be more likely to work with you on cutting costs. Go to tastings to find your perfect caterer.

Plan the menu. Once you decide what caterer to use, you will need to finalize what food to serve at the sit down dinner wedding reception. See if the caterer will give you any discounts if you order certain foods to be served. For instance, chicken is usually cheaper than seafood.

Save money for the bar costs. If you are doing an open bar, you will probably have to play a flat fee (usually about $10 per person) for alcohol. Even if you are having a cash bar, you will have to pay for the bartenders. Bottles of champagne are usually extra, so keep that in mind if you plan on doing a champagne toast.

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