Be a Great Wedding Guest!

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Being a wedding guest is an honor. After all, there are few days more significant, more personal. The happy couple wants you to be there to revel in their joy by being their wedding guest.

Here is a short “Do’s and Don’ts” List:

DO Be in the Moment

Picture this: you’re in the church. The Maid of Honor has just finished walking down the aisle. The music changes, heads turn to the back of the church, the door slowly opens. The bride appears and walks forward, holding on to her father’s arm.

And you? You smile. You tear up. You hold the hand of the person next to you. And you leave your camera in your purse or on the pew. You don’t walk out into the aisle to take a picture with your camera or your phone.

DO Be On Time to the Church

The time listed on the invitation is the time the ceremony will (or should) begin, so be sure to get to the church/ceremony location at least 10 minutes earlier. Don’t be a late wedding guest.

DO Have Fun & Dance

Hit the dance floor, enjoy the food, have some drinks and at the end of the night tell the bride and groom that this was the best wedding you have ever been to. Give them a hug, wish them well and thank them for inviting you.

DO Act As Though This is The Only Wedding… Ever

Don’t tell the bride or groom about things you have seen at other weddings. Don’t ask them why they didn’t do a candy station or chocolate fountain. Don’t say that so-and-so’s DJ/band was better. For one day, let that bride be the only bride in the world and that wedding be the only one you can even think about.

DON’T Hide in Pictures

If the bride and groom ask you to be in a picture with them, please make sure that the photographer can see you. Don’t try to hide behind someone tall, or duck a little in the back. The couple wants to be able to see you.

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DON’T Tell the Bride

You got a flat tire on the way to the wedding? Your heels are sinking into the grass during the ceremony? The drummer for the band is running late? Unless it’s something crucial for the bride to know, don’t tell her. She probably can’t do anything about it, so let her bask in the joy of the day and the blissful ignorance of anything going awry. Don’t be a pain in the butt wedding guest.

DON’T Monopolize Their Time

I know you’re super excited to talk to the bride and groom. You may not have seen them in months or years and you’re thrilled to get the chance to catch up with them. Unfortunately, the wedding day is not really the time to do that. So, talk to them for a few minutes but please, please don’t monopolize their time.

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