The Brides’ Worst Nightmare – Not looking amazing in a Wedding Dress

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So he invited you on a date and emphasized that it is extremely important for him. Somewhere in your heart you know you are about to glimpse that piece of silvery molten metal topped with a shiny stone that they call a “wedding ring”. “But let’s not jump up to any conclusions”, you say while trying to calm your nerves.

All you need is just one look at his face and you know the effort he made to create the perfect ambiance to know whether your intuition was right. However, once the initial excitement subsides a little and the plans are laid out, your worst nightmare begins!

Let’s say you’ve got a couple of months at hand before your big day. As it is you will most probably devote all of your time planning and perfecting the arrangements for that day! The decoration, the cake, the venue – everything has to be perfect because it’s your big day! But when it comes to the dress – well, let’s just say selecting the dress sometimes isn’t that easy!

The Real Problem

As you stand in front of the mirror and imagine yourself in a wedding gown, your mind will give you an image of a picture perfect princess. But what you see with your eyes may not exactly be the same, especially if you haven’t been much of a “fitness-first” person. Your wedding day is when all eyes are on you and each minute detail is being registered – even that slight “next-to-invisible” flab on the belly! This is where the real nightmare starts!

“I Should Probably Loose A Few Pounds”

You join the gym hoping they’d be able to tone down the extra fat from your body. The problem with most fitness regimes is that they take significant amount of time to yield results. And if you have just a few weeks before the big day, you can be assured you wouldn’t be able to achieve what you desire.

So knowing that your big day is in a couple of months will further add to your distress. Besides this, you’d be actively involved with your wedding preparations as well, which further reduces the time you get to spend on your fitness regime. On the whole, it is a stressful affair that is further aggravated by “a few extra pounds”.

The Only Solution

With just a few weeks at hand, the gym is no solution for your weight “mismanagement”. A better way to go around this problem is to come to the wedding dress experts. We can find the perfect silhouette to help you hide and enhance areas of your body. The wedding dress experts can show you how certain cuts can highlight your curves. It is all about making sure you feel and look your best on your wedding day! Trust in us to help you look amazing!

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