Look Gorgeous on Your Wedding Day- Wedding Gowns,Prom Dresses,Maryland

Brides don’t need anyone to stress to them the importance of looking good on their wedding day. After all, they already know of the photographs that they will be displaying for the rest of their life, the friends and family members they haven’t seen for years and probably won’t see again for a few more years to come and the fact that they (along with their partner) are going to be the center of attention all night long. But as much as a hair and makeup professional can make a difference, there are some things you can do to help them out. Clear skin and healthy hair, for example, are easier for any professional to work with.

1.) Get plenty of sleep. As much as you’ve probably heard it, sleep has more benefits than you think. Growth hormones that initiate tissue repair, for example, are most active during your deepest stage of sleep (the stage right before REM. Plus, collagen (which is responsible for increasing the firmness of your skin) is at its peak during sleep hours. Beauty sleep, indeed.

2.) Drink plenty of water (and ditch the other stuff). Drinking enough water is one of the best things you can do for your body. It helps to flush out toxins and other waste products (which your energy drink, coffee and wine are only adding to), and it helps your organs function properly (which can be reassuring with the amount of stress you are probably under). Plus, being properly hydrated helps you have more energy and improves the texture of your skin.

3.) Eat clean food. That means lay off on the preservatives and salt, specifically. If you’re drinking plenty of water, let it do its job! Don’t sabotage it by eating crap! Fresh fruits and vegetables (especially those that are darkly colored, like spinach, blueberries and blackberries) have anti-oxidants and plenty of water, while foods like bananas, cranberries and asparagus are natural diuretics, ridding your body of any excess fluid it’s holding on to (hello no more bloating).

Look Gorgeous on Your Wedding Day- Wedding Gowns,Prom Dresses,Maryland

4.) Get plenty of exercise. Not only does an adequate amount of exercise keep you feeling great (literally, it’s the best natural anti-depressant out there), but it also keeps your looking great. Besides the obvious health and beauty benefits (you’ll look amazing in your wedding dress and be able to dance the night away without feeling out of breath), your skin, hair and nails will thank you as well. Not only does regular exercise keep cortisol levels (which create wrinkles) at bay, it also improves circulation, which means less acne, healthier shinier hair and the end of yellow, brittle nails.

5.) Moisturize and use SPF. Dry hair and skin is not attractive on anyone, and as much as you love that tan, it’s only doing damage to your body. Help yourself out by keeping your skin moisturized with an SPF rich lotion, and consider giving your hair a weekly deep moisturizing treatment during the weeks leading up to your wedding.

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