July Wedding-Wedding gowns,prom dresses,plus size,bridesmaids dresses

A wedding in July? No matter where you are in the country, July is usually one of the hottest months of the year. It’s no wonder that many brides begin second guessing their decision to get married in July.

However, not all is lost. Just because it’s hot doesn’t mean your wedding day can’t be amazing! We’ve gathered some surefire ways to help you remain calm and cool and your July wedding.

1.) Stay hydrated. Nothing makes you feel hotter than you already are than being thirsty. Even in 100 degree heat, a cold glass of lemonade can work wonders. So be sure you and your guests have cold drinks available at every turn. Hand out mini bottles of water as favors and have pitchers of ice water at every table. Alcohol dehydrates, so it’s essential that everyone have access to a cold, hydrating beverage at all times.

2.) Have shade. Many outdoor wedding venues, as gorgeous as they are, are very lacking in the shade department. Brides often ask how much it costs to set up a tent or indoor facility in case it rains, but many of them forget to ask about the possibility of adding shade for their big day. Some venues charge the same as a shade tent for a regular tent, while others have more affordable price if you’re just looking for a quick fabric solution.

July Wedding-Wedding gowns,prom dresses,plus size,bridesmaids dresses

3.) Give plenty of props. Little umbrellas and hand fans are adorable on their own, but they become quite handy at a warm, outdoor wedding. A small hand fan can really take the edge off when there’s nothing to be done about the outdoor temperature.

4.) Use it to your advantage. If it’s excruciatingly hot outside, have something your guests will associate with the heat in a good way, like an ice cream truck or a snow cone machine. Instead of talking about how unbearable your wedding is, they’ll be talking about how fun it was to eat snow cones at the reception. And instead of other wedding day props that some guests hardly ever use, you can rest assured everyone will be participating in the ice cream bar.

5.) Keep the air moving. A breeze in any circumstances will help make the heat more bearable, especially if it’s a cool breeze. Having your ceremony close to the ocean, for example, will ensure it’s at least a few degrees cooler than everywhere else that day. Have overhead fans running and set up additional fans along the edges of the ceremony and reception site.

6.) Move the party indoors. It might seem like common sense, and it is. Having a tent in case of rain is a smart move in the first place, so it’s not too much of a stretch to have it booked anyway. A large room shielded from the sun with some fans and a space cooler will help everyone have an enjoyable time, not matter how much the sun is beating down outside.

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