Wedding Dresses,Plus Size Wedding Dresses,Bridesmaids Dresses,Maryland

If you think you’re on the brink of getting engaged, allow us to give you early congratulations; and if you’re not even close to getting engaged, we’ll be just as happy for you anyway. See, you don’t need to be engaged in order to be happy (as many of us know), but if you’ve been dying to plan your dream wedding and your lack of a fiancé is screwing it up, we’ll let you in on another little secret: you don’t have to be engaged to plan that, either.

However, getting carried away with the wedding planning before you’re even exclusive with someone can be a bit damaging, so we’d recommend following these tips to making sure you don’t end up in Crazytown:

1.) Go for the little things. If you’ve found the exact pair of heels you know you’re going to be wearing on your wedding day, than by all means, purchase them. If anything, by the time your wedding does roll around, you’ll already have that piece of the puzzle in place and you won’t have to budget for it.

2.) Feel free to dream big. When everything is still up in the air, don’t worry about getting brought back down to earth! Since this is just your dream wedding (not the actual wedding with restrictions, like a budget and time frame), go ahead and let your head float around in the clouds for a while. Just make sure you’re aware of the fantasy of it all; in reality, the Queen of England might have a problem with you using Buckingham Palace as your venue, and Gwen Stefani might not have time to give you the details on the dress she wore down the aisle.

Wedding Dresses,Plus Size Wedding Dresses,Bridesmaids Dresses,Maryland

3.) Be aware that these plans will be compromised. When planning a wedding together, it needs to be a reflection of the both of you. That means some of your planning decisions have to be up for discussion later. If he’s a fan of red velvet cake and you’re a fan of devil’s food, you might have to meet halfway and order half of each. Or your all vegetarian menu might go out the door if your fiancé is a lover of meat.

4.) Build up your savings. If you find yourself excited at the thought of having this amazing wedding, you’re going to need a way to pay for it. So cut out some morning coffee trips and reign back your online shopping. Your future wedding budget will thank you for it.

5.) Keep it on the down-low. There’s nothing wrong with planning your wedding before you’re engaged, and there’s nothing wrong with this being common knowledge, but there is something wrong with becoming consumed by it. Not only will your current significant other begin to feel like their only purpose in life is to provide a specific role in your wedding fantasy, but any future significant others might be a bit put off by the whole ordeal. Remember, the point of having a wedding is to get married, not just to throw the perfect party.

Wedding Dresses,Plus Size Wedding Dresses,Bridesmaids Dresses,Maryland


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