Cheap Honeymoon Ideas-Wedding Dresses,Plus Size Wedding,Lily's Bridal

Just because you’re putting all your available finances toward your wedding doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a honeymoon. More and more often couples are opting for lower budget option when it comes to escaping away together before diving straight into married life. So we’ve decided to give you a couple ideas of how you can enjoy a honeymoon without having to sacrifice that down payment you’ve been scrounging to save for a home someday.

1.) Consider a home exchange. A home exchange is basically when you offer up your home to someone in exchange for using theirs for an agreed upon period of time. This can help save immensely on expenses. It ensures someone is at your home to look after things while you are away, and it means you pay nothing for accommodations for the duration of your stay. This is a great source for learning more about home exchanges.

2.) Go camping. Sure people tend to make fun of the idea, but as a born and raised Montana girl, I’ll tell you that there’s really nothing like it. It costs next to nothing, the privacy is fantastic, and the amount of bonding that happens while snuggled together in a sleeping bag staring up at the stars is unlike any other.

Cheap Honeymoon Ideas-Wedding Dresses,Plus Size Wedding,Lily's Bridal

3.) Take advantage of the “off” season. If you’re getting married in August and have always desperately wanted to go to France, setting off on your honeymoon right after you say your vows might not be the most budget-friendly option. Instead, consider waiting until October or early spring of the following year. It’ll give you a little more time to prepare yourself, and the tickets will cost substantially less.

4.) Tap in the family. Does your aunt and uncle have a beach house or a mountain cabin they use a few months out of the year? If so, this would be the perfect time to take advantage of it. And don’t feel bad either; there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking if you can borrow the residence for your honeymoon, especially if you’re asking for it months in advance.

5.) Have a honeymoon registry. A unique theory a few years ago, honeymoon registry have been popping up all over the place as of late. And for good reason too; your friends and family want to give you a gift you can remember. Everyone knows you’re going to forget who gave you that toaster, but you’ll probably remember who gave you the gift of scuba diving on your honeymoon. So give everyone a chance to contribute to your new lives together in a helpful and  meaningful way.

Cheap Honeymoon Ideas-Wedding Dresses,Plus Size Wedding,Lily's Bridal

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