Prom Dress - Not trashy - Plus size prom dresses, Wedding DressesProm is one of the premier times in a young woman’s life. You want to look your very best, and let’s admit it, looking your very best often means looking as beautiful and attractive as you can possibly look. Of course there’s one more thing though; you’re still in high school. Sorry, but you need to save the over-the-top sexiness for after you turn 18.

But we get it. So instead of telling you to wear something with long sleeves and a high collar, we’re going to tell you how to get that sexy look you’re after while still keeping your prom dress classy and appropriate.

1.) If you’re going to show skin, avoid the obvious. A low, low cut front not only screams ‘inappropriate’ but also slightly desperate, just as a short, short, short skirt would give off the same impression. So if you’re going to show some skin, we suggest going with something unexpected: your back. Backless gowns provide and element of surprise while still showing off your figure, and literally every “risqué” part of you is covered. It’s a compromise for everyone.

2.) Consider the cut. Even if something covers you completely from head to toe, it can still be sexy provided it has the right fit. Even a long gown with long sleeves looks unbelievably gorgeous when made in a slinky, body skimming design. Not only will you look amazing, but it also gives off an aura of effortlessness: like you just can’t help how good you look. You tried to cover up…it’s not your fault you have an amazing body under there.

3.) Consider the fabric. Sheer fabric has been seen everywhere lately, and if New York fashion week means anything, it definitely won’t be going away any time soon. This means you can use it to your advantage. When sheer fabric is strategically placed in the correct places, it gives the illusion that something is missing while you remain completely comfortable and covered.

4.) Be supported. No matter what dress you wear, there is nothing more unsexy than someone pulling and tugging at themselves all night. Wear the proper undergarments, and if you’re afraid you might pop out or expose yourself on the dance floor, wear a different dress! You should be able to move any which way you please without risking an accidental peep show.

5.) Stay balanced. The fastest way to cross over from sexy to trashy is to try and do too much. A skin tight, low cut, short skirt is way too much. Instead, make sure to pick one feature to accentuate and keep everything else fairly tame. If you’re showing your legs, keep your chest and back reasonably unexposed. If you plan on wearing a tight, fitted dress, make sure there is plenty of fabric to keep you reasonably covered. If you’re thinking of wearing something with a plunging neckline, opt for a longer dress that conceals your legs.


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