The final touch of your Wedding, the Thank You cards. Your guests have returned home and started back up with their daily lives, no doubt still glowing from their mini-vacation of attending your tastefully fun wedding. But one thing is still missing; the thank-you card.

Wedding Thank You Notes - Wedding Dresses - Bridal Gowns - Maryland

Thank-you cards are your way of tying everything together from your Wedding, so they are actually a lot more important than you think. Here are a few ways of ensuring your final touches are some of your best ones:

1.) Do it the old-fashioned way. That means handwriting them and sending them through snail mail. Yes, this may the digital age, but a handwritten card will be infinitely more appreciated than a typed card or an e-card. Honestly, sending all your guests generic e-cards as thank-you cards is just plain lazy.

2.) Be personal. Writing a simple, “Thanks for coming!” on every card and calling it a day won’t mean a whole lot to your guests because that card could have literally been sent to anyone. It doesn’t show that you appreciate that they came, it shows that you’re just too busy (and possibly self-centered) to show appreciation for a guest that probably took time off work and spend a few hundred dollars (if not more) to make it to your wedding. So say something that would prove that the card was meant for only them. Something like, “We’re so glad that you and Uncle Tim could make it to our wedding. We loved the handmade quilt you gave us and we can’t wait to snuggle up in it once the weather cools down. Give (insert name of pet) a hug for us and enjoy all that sunshine or us down in Florida!” Or at least something to that affect.

Wedding Thank You Notes - Wedding Dresses - Bridal Gowns - Maryland

3.) Send them within a couple weeks of the wedding. This may seem like a time crunch, but it really isn’t; you can find the time to write them out. If you’re on your way to your honeymoon use those extra couple hours during your layover in Dallas to get started on them as well as during the plane ride. If you’re delaying your honeymoon for a bit, pick a day and focus all your energy on getting your thank-you cards done. After all, you did just get married; which means all that time you were spending planning your wedding is now free. You have time.

4.) Keep them readable. That means write legible and write in an ink that shows up. It’s completely understandable for your handwriting to start to slack once you’re on your 74th thank-you card, but if you need to take a break and come back when you can slow down a little bit. And please, please write in a color that’s visible. I once received a thank-you card written on light blue paper in white ink. Sure, it paid tribute to their baby blue and white wedding colors, but the thing was ridiculous to try and read. I made it through, but I’m fairly young with decent vision. I can’t imagine being in my 60’s with bifocals trying to make out what it said.


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