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Wedding Decorations!

Between the many, many vendors that take part in your wedding (the DJ, the photographer, the caterer, the florist, etc.), it’s a wonder you have any money left over for basic decorations at all. Plus, the more money you save on your overall decorations the more money you have for more important things, like your wedding dress and the honeymoon! So just for you, we’ve gathered a few ways to save some money on your collective decorations.

1.) Choose a venue that’s naturally beautiful. Think about somewhere like a beach or a countryside with a gorgeous view. In these cases, you hardly need any decorations at all! Besides, even with the best thought out ideas, there’s really no competing with the sight of a breathtaking sunset over the ocean or an altar placed in the middle of a gorgeous garden. Or, if you’d rather have your wedding indoors, consider a beautiful church with stained glass windows. All of that natural beauty is sure to take your guests’ breath away all with very little extra cost or effort by you.

2.) Recycle decorations. Your bridesmaid bouquets don’t just have to be seen while you’re walking down the aisle; use them as centerpieces as well. You can also take whatever decorations you used at the ceremony (to surround the altar, perhaps?) and move them to the sweetheart table or place them around the cake. Plus, let’s not forget about your friends; if you have friends that have recently gotten married, they could be looking to get rid of some of their items too, and just because your theme is different doesn’t mean their stuff won’t work for your wedding. Think of clear vases and tea candles.

3.) Concentrate the decorations. Chances are, there are only going to be a few important places where your decorations will be noticed. All around the altar and up and down the aisle, for example will allow your decorations to be the center of attention and seen in the majority of your pictures.

4.) Ask your venue for decorations. If your venue has performed weddings in the past, they may already have leftover decorations in storage. Things like white tablecloths or tableware can be used for any occasion, and they might let you use them for a small fee that would be a fraction of the cost you would pay if you went to a rental company.

5.) Go Do-It-Yourself.
Part of the reason decorations are often so expensive is the convenience factor; people don’t think they have the time to fold all the origami swans or to handwrite all the place settings in calligraphy, but the truth is, you do have the time. Do these small tasks while watching television at night, or just choose one day a week and sit down for a couple hours doing nothing but wedding tasks. You can get a lot more done than you think.

 Wedding Decoration - Wedding Dresses,Plus Size Wedding,Prom Dresses

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