Wedding Dresses

So you’ve gotten engaged and you’ve set a wedding date, how exciting! Chances are you’ve probably thrown yourself head-on into any wedding related details: the dress, the food, the venue…there’s just so much to do! But for many brides, the process can quickly turn from exciting to overwhelming, and that’s where wedding planning procrastination sets in.

Problem is though, procrastinating when planning your wedding can lead to a disaster. Here’s how to keep things moving forward: ‘

1.) Set up a budget. Before anything can be done you need to have an idea of what you can and can’t spend. There’s no point in going dress shopping if you have no idea of your price range, and there’s no way to make a guest list without knowing how many people you can afford to invite. Sit down and set a budget for yourselves.

2.) Prioritize. There are some aspects of a wedding that need to be taken care of as soon as possible. Some venues, for example, are booked years in advance and many vendors are also booked months ahead of time. Your dress will also need some time. Once you’ve found the dress you need plenty of time for alterations and numerous fittings.

3.) Make time for wedding related tasks. Treat your daily wedding tasks like business meetings: block off a section of time and then show up for it. Just telling yourself you’ll “get around to it” is setting yourself up for failure because you’ll be constantly pushing back important wedding tasks.

Wedding Dresses

4.) Make lists. When it comes to getting things done, this is a personal favorite of mine. Lists not only organize everything into a convenient location, but it also lets you visually see what you have to do and the progress you’ve made. I even add a few things on my daily list that I’ve already done, so I have a few things to cross off. Without even knowing it you start to feel a little more productive.

5.) Enlist help. There are a probably more people than you think that want to help you plan your wedding, so let them! By letting them take care of the smaller tasks, you have more time to work on more important things. So delegate a few smaller things (making appointments, picking up paperwork, stuffing envelopes) and step back to focus on the bigger picture.

Wedding Dresses

6.) Calm down. Part of the reason people tend to procrastinate when planning their weddings is the stress of the occasion. After all, planning a surprise birthday party or a baby shower was never this stressful. So take a step back from the gravity of it all and plan one aspect as a time just like you would with any other party. Once you have the food and the caterers all worked out, move on to something else. Just keep moving forward and everything will slowly start to fall into place.

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