No other items typically set the mood of a wedding quite like the centerpieces. They are usually on every table and they are often include a number of decoration components. They can provide a subtle nod to your wedding bouquet while also displaying a nod to the sense of humor you and your fiancé are so well known for. But they can also fall victim to complete boredom, so before you plan on doing something unoriginal and generic, read a few of our tips to making sure your centerpieces are as memorable as your wedding is sure to be.

1.) Personalize. You can do literally anything for your centerpieces, so really get the creative juices flowing! You can use flowers, decorated vases, candles, jars full of candy or whatever you can possibly come up with! Your options can be endless! Use this opportunity to do something that truly expresses you and your spouse as a couple. Are you avid rock climbers? Are you dedicated Red Wings fans? Are you both musicians? Take something that is specific to the both of you and incorporate it into your centerpiece.

2.) Be safe. Of course the soft glow of candlelight surrounded by a collection of colorful fall foliage looks breathtaking in a magazine, but how safe can that really be? If you want the look, consider covering your candles with a glass container and using flame retardant leaves.

3.) Don’t forget what a centerpiece actually is. Your centerpiece is really just a piece of decoration at your wedding. Don’t let it be more than that. A centerpiece that takes up the entire table may be very beautiful, but it’s also going to be completely impractical. Make sure there is sufficient room for each guest to eat in comfort, and make sure your centerpieces are either short enough or tall enough that they’re not blocking the view of one guest from another across the table.


4.) Stay within your budget. Centerpieces are one of the easiest aspects of a wedding to blow a budget. Prices vary on an individual basis, and while you think you’re not spending “all that much more”, it can really add up when you take that extra $4.50 per arrangement and multiply it by 25.

5.) Be smart. I once attended a wedding where the centerpieces were fish in bowls. When dinner was served, and fish was an option, the jokes went rampant. But it became worse as the reception continued until late into the evening, and all sorts of materials found their way into the fish bowls while some of the fish actually went missing. Having a live animal as the centerpiece? Not such a good idea. Especially not with an open bar.


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