Sorry to get a little blunt here, but let’s be honest: even though your wedding day is probably going to be one of the most exciting days of your life, it’s also probably going to be the most stressful. And why wouldn’t it be? You’ve been planning for almost a year (give or take) to make this day go as smoothly as possible. You’ve already trained yourself to notice a tiny problem before it turns into a huge catastrophe. And while this can be a good thing, it can also mean that you be able to thoroughly enjoy your own party, so here are a few tips to follow to keep you grounded and stress-free on your wedding day.

1.) Delegate. You should not – scratch that – cannot be in charge of everything on your wedding day. There is just too much to deal with! So hand out certain roles to trusted family and friends or members of the bridal party. Not only is this a great way to help you forget about trivial issues (your cake is actually going to be set up three feet left of its original spot to make more room for the band), but it’s also a great way to get overanxious family members involved. Can’t find one of your bridesmaids? Call on your mother-in-law, she’s probably chomping at the bit to do something anyway.

2.) Know your vendors. When you hire professionals, you take the stress off of yourself. Make sure you have seen all the proper licenses and certifications and plenty of references before hiring them. Also make sure that you have everything in writing, just to ensure that you will be getting everything you’ve agreed upon. Then just sit back and let them do their job.

3.) Be organized. Weddings are chaotic, and one of the best ways to help yourself out is to be organized. Your photographer probably needs to take pictures of various still life aspects of your wedding, including your bridal bouquet, your wedding dress and your shoes. Knowing where all these things are and having them set up before the photographer arrives will save everyone some headache. In addition, knowing where other important items are (your vows, your rings, etc.) will help you relax before walking down the aisle.

4.) Stay in budget. Part of the reason why brides are so stressed is because they went outside their budget, and when you go outside your budget you begin to wonder if it’s worth it. Staying in budget will ensure that you won’t be walking down an aisle lined with orchids thinking to yourself, “Damn, I’m sure rose petals would’ve worked just fine…”

5.) Accept what cannot be changed. Sorry to say, but there will probably be some things that are just going to go wrong. It’s not anyone’s fault, it’s not a result of poor planning and it’s nothing that could’ve been prevented; it’s just something that happens. Maybe one of the DJ’s speaker’s goes out halfway through the reception. Might be a bummer, but at least there’s a couple other speakers to carry the weight. Maybe your bouquet begins wilting long before your wedding pictures are complete. Oh well. These things happen, so let them go and focus on the good, like the fact that you’re getting married today!

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