As October draws to a close, I can’t help but notice that every year I hear of someone I know getting married on (or very close to) Halloween, and my first thought, every time, is “Ooooh I can’t wait to see the dress!”

Now this is true of most weddings, of course, but a Halloween wedding does tend to up the interest level just a bit. So whether you’re planning on having a slightly Halloween-themed wedding this year or going all out, here are a few tips to ensure your dress will be the talking point of the evening…in a good way, that is.

1.) Leave the white dress at home. There’s nothing wrong with wearing an elegant black or even red dress on your wedding day. Plus, in this day and age it’s much easier than it used to be to get a wedding dress in any color besides white. However, if you live in an area with a limited selection in wedding dresses (read: all white), consider looking at the bridesmaid dresses. An elegant, floor length, strapless black gown might just be the perfect thing for your big day.

2.) Or make a few small changes. Adding a bit of black trim or lace to a white dress is not only a perfect way to give it that gothic look you might be going for, but it’s also a great way to get a custom dress while still staying in your budget.

3.) Add the right accessories. If you’ve had your eye on a particular dress that only comes in white, never fear, you can still personalize it for your wedding. Adding an orange or black sash and ornate jewelry will still help you fit in with the rest of your Halloween themed attire. Wearing long gloves or a black veil will also give you a slightly spooky air to your overall outfit.  

4.) Consider the style. The color of your dress isn’t everything; in fact, the style and cut are absolutely essential. Consider a romantic lace gown with intricate embroidery, or a slim fitting one with long, flowing sleeves. And don’t forget the groom; he can have a longer tailcoats, a higher collar (hello, Dracula), and a vest with a red underlay.

 Halloween Wedding Theme

5.) Get married in costume. Of course if you want to completely embrace the idea of a Halloween themed wedding dress, nothing beats getting married in costume. Whether it’s as a slightly more spooky bride, like a zombie bride or the bride of Frankenstein, or as something completely different, like Little Red Riding Hood or a Princess, it’s entirely up to you!

However, since you will probably have pictures taken, if you’re going to dress in costume it’s a good idea to go with something classic. That way, 30 years down the road, you aren’t explaining to your new daughter-in-law who Lady Gaga is.


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